Top 11 Clothing stores in San Francisco

Indie boutique owners in San Francisco are always happy, based on the fashion choices of many residents there.

Due to the culture, many people dress in versatile, practical clothing to ease into their hectic days in their technology world and nine to five jobs.

When shopping in San Francisco, locals, residents, and tourists can all draw the same conclusion: it’s invigorating. There are numerous apparel, accessories, furniture, and antique businesses you are sure to find in San Francisco’s diverse retail districts.

Indie retailers and smaller brands make up the bulk of our list, which is often great to visit just for their creative presentations or eye-catching designs.

The city has numerous great retail locations, but we’ve chosen the best clothing stores in San Francisco for you.

1. Amour Vert

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 437 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • Contact: (415) 800-8576

san francisco clothes stores

Indeed, there is love in the air for sustainable living. This viable San Francisco brand oozes French Girl exuberance and flawless Cali-cool simultaneously.

Local women can’t get enough. Amour Vert’s outfit range is ideal for the Marina boutique’s airy, plant-filled, and simple decor.

Signature tees in numerous colors (and stripes), lovely dresses in intricate designs, airy silk shirts, and bodysuits and denim are all skillfully packaged and sold at the store. They create everything in California with non-toxic colors and sustainable textiles.

The shop also carries a wide selection of sustainable Veja footwear, including a unique design with green embellishments. The second San Francisco location of Amour Vert sits at 437 Hayes St.


2. Onyx

  • Price Point: $$$
  • Location: 289 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Contact: (415) 431-6699

clothing store san francisco

Located in the city’s heart, Onyx is a family-run clothing store. One-of-a-kind lines are our specialty. Our store sells everything from clothing for women and men to accessories, gifts, and medicinal supplies.

For males and females, it’s also an original designer store that carries distinctive, one-of-a-kind things. They have a large variety of high-quality fashion and artisan jewelry, among which to choose.

At and accessories from several of the Bay Area’s most significant artists are continuously changing at Onyx! A must-have if you’re looking for the perfect furniture and clothing for your home and yourself.

Customers from the outside world and the neighborhood will get something from this new business. Additionally, the level of one-on-one service that you receive is exceptional.


3. Current

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 3108 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123
  • Contact: (415) 875-9633

clothing stores san francisco

It is one of, if not the most, creative stores in SF. The styles are so attractive without being over the top and still not minimalist.

Current is a forward-thinking apparel company that encourages customers to express their individuality via their wardrobe choices: Current’s seasonal collections mix San Francisco vibes and effortlessly attractive designs.

The store is spotless, and the merchandise is top-notch. When I visit, I’m always amazed by the beauty of the displays. They have an excellent crew that is always joyful, friendly, and helpful. When I got to the party, Bailey was there to assist me and help me choose beautiful attire.

Any occasion, from dates to parties and festivals or dinner, you’ll find something to accentuate your specific shape. It’sreadyy and the prices are reasonable


4. Cary Lane

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 1615 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Contact: (415) 896-4210

clothing stores in san francisco

Cary Lane, a unique San Francisco clothing store, provides up to 80% off standard retail prices on designer clothing for females and males. Our products come from many international brands, including samples, overstock, and discontinued styles.

Cary LaScala created their own men’s private label, designed and made right here in the city. If you love a style and find it’s no longer around, you may want to check Cary Lane. They are full of surprises and then some.

Don’t ever give up on something you desire without checking them first.

Everything you’ll find at Cary Lane is brand new and unopened. Consignment is not an option for us; we do not purchase from the general public. New arrivals go on to their stock weekly.


5. Ambiance SF

  • Price Point: $
  • Location: 3979 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114
  • Contact: (415) 647-5800

clothing san francisco

Ambiance, a San Francisco boutique with a 25-year history, is still going strong. In 1996, we opened our first store in Haight-Ashbury. We operate three boutiques in the Inner Sunset, Noe Valley, and the Marina.

Customer service at Ambiance has earned it numerous accolades, including the title of top San Francisco boutique.

You can rely on our expertise in style, a wide assortment of items, and old-fashioned customer service. It is our firm belief that the customer is always right.

Legacy Status was conferred to us by the City of San Francisco in 2020 as a way to recognize long-standing iconic San Francisco companies.

A San Francisco store is a must-visit for local women, so come in and see for yourself. At Ambiance, you’ll feel like a member of the family.


5. Everlane

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 461 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Contact: (415) 209-5195

in san francisco clothes

In 2010, Michael Preysman made a beautiful tee shirt, and the rest is history. In the present day, the founder’s San Francisco band has become a popular in-person shopping destination for a wide range of customers, including hipsters, parents, creatives, and everyday Joes and Janes.

A 3,000-square-foot official store for the digitally native shop features “radically straightforward prices and a modest color scheme.”

You won’t see a mannequin anywhere. It’s spotless. Wrap dresses, jeans, cashmere sweaters, and hoodies are just a few of the items you’ll find in the store’s simple wood displays.

There is also a lot of footwear. It’s not uncommon to see big lines, especially on weekends, but Everlane’s ID system ensures speedy and easy checkouts.


6. Hero Shop

  • Price Point: $$$
  • Location: 982 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94109
  • Contact: (415) 829-3129

clothing boutiques san francisco

Holt’s new fashion and leisure store spotlighted the metro’s commercial district. It’s the only business in the booming Tenderloin neighborhood that attracts Pacific Heights moms and hipsters from Hayes Valley regularly.

A similar amount of each An eclectic mix of women’s apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products fills the room, both industrial and homely.

The mix includes high-end and budget brands, new and established labels, and a slew of homegrown talent.

Everything has a sophisticated look to it. For additional reasons to visit, Holt routinely hosts fascinating events and trunk shows, and the store itself functions as a general meet-up and recreation center.

She can still utilize her network of fashion magazine relationships.


7. Welcome Stranger

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 460 Gough St, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • Contact: (415) 864-2079

san francisco clothing

Here’s one for the outdoor urban types looking for ageless, nicely-designed fundamentals. The colossal men’s boutique has plenty of classic suitcases, camping gear, and, of course, a stag head.

Welcome, Stranger’s in-house assortment of cotton t-shirt shirts, blazers, sweatshirts, and pants are just a few of the USA and California-based labels you’ll find at the shop.

Accessories, eyewear, shoes, and other traditional male items can also you will always find in the store. If you didn’t know, Welcome Stranger is a neighborhood sister of Rand & Statler and Azalea.


8. Modern Citizen

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 2078 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123
  • Contact: (415) 796-3807

clothes shops san francisco

After a whirlwind of pop-up locations, this beloved San Francisco female’s brand has finally settled into a gorgeous lasting retail outlet.

The e-sole tailer’s brick-and-mortar location in Cow Hollow is a goldmine of straightforward, uncomplicated, and unboring essentials.

To be sure, Modern Citizen’s polished shapes and eye-catching accents are a big part of what makes the brand so popular among stylish businesswomen.

For those looking for flexible items like LBDs, bodysuits, and jackets, as well as knitwear, handbags, and small leather products, buying at the streamlined boutique is a definite bet.

The collection is only complete with MC’s iconic compass necklaces, as well as a sprinkling of health and beauty products.


9. AB Fits

  • Price Point: $$$
  • Location: 1519 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133
  • Contact: (415) 982-5726

clothes shopping san francisco

Denimheads have been flocking to this denim mecca for almost a quarter of a century. Loyal customers go to the store’s original location in North Beach because of the incredible selection of blues it offers. Some brands will be familiar to you, such as DL1961 Premium, Raleigh Denim, A.P.C., and others.

The best part is finding out about new, lesser-known products like Matias and Freenote Cloth. Howard Gee, AB Fits’ owner, denim genius, and all-around great man, is a big part of the company’s success.

You can take home a pair of the shop’s original AB Fits jeans as a souvenir. P.S. There are also a few similarly attractive tops, jackets, and accessories in this collection.


10. Mod cloth

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 2033 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Contact: (415) 529-2621

san francisco clothing store

Adding to Pacific Heights’ bustling main commercial street, this brightly painted newcomer from Fillmore Street is much-welcomed!

Bay Area brand’s admirers recognize the storefront immediately for its size-inclusive retro dresses, whimsical designs, and amusing graphic shirts, which are all available in a wide range of sizes at the brick-and-mortar location.

Stylish dresses, skirts, and vintage blouses cover the shelves of this boutique. The candy-colored ornaments are a particular highlight.

The dressing rooms have stunning wallpaper and a carefully curated collection of vintage treasures, delight true vintage devotees. One more thing to keep in mind: the shop is a showroom, where you may order products and have them delivered to your door for free.


The Bottom Line

We sure hope you can feel the love and effort we put into curating this list of the best clothing stores in San Francisco. You already know countless stores, which causes the little gems to get overlooked.

We dug them out, brushed them off, and have presented them sparkling for you, your friends, and loved ones to enjoy. There is a store here to suit every type of taste imaginable. Happy Shopping.

best clothing stores in san francisco

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