Top 11 Clothing Stores in San Diego, CA

The definition of fashion is having access to the best clothing lines, elegant prints and stylish outfits. And all must come at a great price. San Diego has taken off as becoming one of the top fashion destinations on the West Coast.

Clothing Stores in San Diego

Here are the best clothing stores in San Diego:

1. Bouluci Boutique

Bouluci Boutique

One of the more trendy clothing stores in San Diego’s beachfront communities is Bouluci Boutique. It is a shop for modern women. Especially for those who are looking to make a statement with their clothing style in a business or casual setting.

Many of their customers love the suggestions offered by the boutique’s staff. Each person has an excellent fashion sense as their recommendations will offer the perfect outfit (clothing, shoes and other accessories) for any occasion.

Plus, all of the items available are reasonably priced, so anyone can re-vamp their closet if they’re on a budget. What a gem of a clothing store as Bouluci Boutique offers a wide selection to meet everyone’s needs.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$
  • Location:845 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
  • Contact: 858-750-2015


2. Hunt & Gather

Hunt & Gather

For fans of small clothing stores, one of the best in San Diego is Hunt & Gather. Yes, the store showcases major label designers, but Hunt & Gather is best known for offering a wide variety of local brands on its shelves.

The shop is filled with different styles for women of all ages. All the clothing is flashy and trendy for those with a keen eye for the latest fashion trends. And you may find a vintage piece of clothing that will attract the attention of others in any public setting.

Also, the staff is open to suggestions on designers who are not available inside the store. Hunt & Gather is always looking to please their loyal customers.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$
  • Location: 3817 Ray St, San Diego, CA 92104
  • Contact: 619-297-3040


3. Whiskey & Leather

Whiskey & Leather

One of the leading high-end men’s and women’s clothing stores in San Diego is Whiskey & Leather. The store offers some of the top designers in fashion today. The clientele is guaranteed to look their best at work or out for the evening with friends.

Plus, you can purchase very stylish fashion accessories that will enhance your outfit for any occasion. Also, Whiskey & Leather offers a line of home products, such as barware, vases, couch pillows and other items. All come with a very contemporary design.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$$
  • Location: 3665 Caminito Ct Suite 700, San Diego, CA 92130
  • Contact: 858-345-1259


4. Salt Culture

Salt Culture

Another quality clothing store in San Diego is Salt Culture, which is located in the surfside community of Encinitas. Sophie Machado owns the store. And if that last name sounds familiar, it should as she is married to renowned world-class surfer Rob Machado.

Thus, the majority of the clothing offered is from the locations both have visited in their time together. You may see items from Thailand, Vietnam and Australia as Salt Culture will open your mind to new, original designs.

Plus, you can shop for clothing from the San Diego fashion community as their items are prominently featured throughout the store. And you can purchase items from Rob’s and Sophie’s clothing lines. Machado’s custom-made surfboards are also available. The odds are pretty high that your next purchase from Salt Culture will be from a rising star in the fashion industry.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$$
  • Location: 930 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024
  • Contact: 760-487-5920


5. Gold Dust Collective 

Gold Dust Collective 

If you are looking for a clothing store that strictly showcases the work of San Diego local designers, then look no further than Gold Dust Collective. The store motto is “shop small and support local” and the owners have held to their word.

Gold Dust Collective (located in the North Park section of San Diego) is dedicated to offering homemade items from local fashion designers throughout the store. Some of the more popular products sold include leather clothing, boots, hats and jewelry.

The store does have unique business hours as they’re closed from Monday-Wednesday. If you have trouble shopping during those hours, you set up a personal shopping appointment with a member of the Gold Dust Collective staff.

They will take the time to hear your concerns and meet your needs with several stylish designs. Local San Diegans swear by the exceptional service offered by the store’s staff.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$$
  • Location: 3824 Ray St, San Diego, CA 92104
  • Contact: 417-766-8717


6. The Fresh Yard

The Fresh Yard

Sometimes, we are all looking for that perfect t-shirt to add to our collection. The Fresh Yard is one of the top stores in San Diego for all of your shopping needs. Most of the gear offered is inspired by some of the top artists in the hip-hop community.

Each clothing line is created by the leading independent designers in the streetwear industry. Some of the more popular items sold include t-shirts, ballcaps, beanies, jeans and jackets. Plus, The Fresh Yard offers music and artwork from young, upcoming local artists. The store is known for holding charitable events for those in need of food and clothing.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $
  • Location: 41 E 8th St, National City, CA 91950
  • Contact: [email protected]


7. The Ascot Shop

The Ascot Shop

One of La Jolla’s mainstay clothing stores is the Ascot Shop. The clientele is men who are looking for formal wear as the Ascot Shop offers a unique collection of suits, sports coats, button-down dress shirts and slacks.

Other items sold include shoes, ties, watches and other formal wear fashion accessories. All of the products sold inside The Ascot Shop come from the leading designers (Hickey Freeman, Peter Millar and Ballin) in the men’s formal wear industry.

Plus, you can choose items from the clothing lines of San Diego’s top fashion designers. Every suit can be custom-made by tailors on staff. The best part of shopping at The Ascot Shop is it can be your one-stop shopping for men’s formal wear.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$$
  • Location: 7750 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Contact: 858-454-4222


8. Pink Lagoon

Pink Lagoon

Often, it is hard to find a trendy women’s store. But that is not the case, as Solana Beach’s Pink Lagoon is one of the top women’s clothing stores in San Diego. The level of clothing is quite extensive as Pink Lagoon is a proud supporter of San Diego designers.

Local entrepreneur Jenny Livits takes great pride in opening her doors to new talent who are moving the fashion industry into new, vibrant trends. It is wise to define her clothing store as a showcase for local brands.

The staff loves matching the right clothing style with each customer’s fashion tastes. Some of the top items sold include dresses, t-shirts, skirts and everyday fashion accessories. Plus, Pink Lagoon offers a large collection of organic beauty and hair products.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$
  • Location: 143 S Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075
  • Contact: 858-792-0882


9. Hansen Surf Shop

Hansen Surf Shop

San Diego is best known for having the best surfing locations located on the mainland of the United States. And to look the part of a surfer, you must feel the part of being a surfer. There is no better outdoor clothing store in San Diego than Hansen Surf Shop in Encinitas.

But this store is so much more than for your beachwear needs. It is all about serving those who have an outdoor lifestyle. Shoppers will have access to surfing, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding equipment.

Plus, the shop offers active wear for all outdoor activities. Some of the top-selling items sold include hats, t-shirts, hoodies and jackets. The staff of Hansen Surf Shop is eager to set a customer up with the right gear that matches their level of experience.

Beginners, weekend warriors and pros all come to Hansen Surf Shop to be fitted with new gear for the upcoming season. Plus, the shop has a wide variety of classic clothing designs from Billabong, Roxy and Volcom.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$
  • Location: 1105 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024
  • Contact: 760-753-6595


10. Le Bel Age Boutique

Le Bel Age Boutique

Since 1985, Le Bel Age Boutique has provided San Diego with everything fashion-related for women looking to set a bold trend with their clothes. Not too much has changed in their philosophy, except for offering a wider selection of dresses, skirts, patterned tops and other trendy fashion accessories. And if someone is looking to change their clothing style, then come and speak with a staff member.

Each employee has a keen fashion sense. They can suggest different designs that are perfect for enhancing a new look. A person may find that outfit that allows them to stand out at a weekend gathering. Plus, it is the ideal time to get acquainted with Le Bel Age Boutique as well.

  • Clothing Store’s Price Review: $$
  • Location: 1607 W Lewis St, San Diego, CA 92103
  • Contact: 619-297-7080


Finally, shopping for clothing in San Diego and the surrounding communities can be a fun afternoon for all. So many choices, so many different styles of clothing to choose from. Whether you are looking for a dress, suit or t-shirt to wear on the weekends, all of the above clothing stores in San Diego are considered the best for providing unique shopping experiences.

Clothing Store in San Diego

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