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how to wash clothes without detergent

7 Home Products as Alternatives for Laundry Detergent

If you have sensitive skin, using a strong washing detergent may cause blisters in your hands. The solution: find ways how to wash clothes without detergent. Fortunately, there are alternatives for a washing detergent that you can use. Check what products are available and choose what will suit you best. Baking Soda Baking soda is … Read more

What Causes Holes in Clothes?

What Causes Holes in Clothes?

Taking care of your clothes doesn’t end in washing them carefully or storing them in a pleasant and safe place. Clothes are prone to holes if not taken care of properly. To avoid throwing your clothes because of holes, you need to know what causes gaps in clothes. This way, you can prevent it and … Read more

clothing stores portland

12 Best Clothing Stores in Portland

Many people would be surprised to know the colorful and pioneering history of fashion in Portland. The first swimsuit was born in Portland, replacing bulky and uncomfortable bathing wear. Portland is also the home of sportswear icons Nike and White Stag, the country’s largest retailer of ski clothing. In the last 20 years, Portland has … Read more

dress places near me

9 Best Clothing Stores in Long Beach

When looking for great items to complete your wardrobe and add a bit of style to your life, Long Beach has several places that are perfect for you to shop. After all, what better place to shop than the birthplace of surfwear? Whether you’re looking for a unique piece that will have heads turning as … Read more

dallas texas boutiques

10 Best Clothing Stores in Dallas

Whether you just moved to Dallas, TX or your vacations take you there, you can find some of the most exciting fashion in this Texas oil city. Most major designers site a store in Big D (its nickname), so if you typically reside in the countryside and still enjoy trying things on before buying them, … Read more

brooklyn clothing store

16 Best Clothing Stores in Brooklyn

People in Brooklyn are known for their impeccable fashion sense. If you are looking to dress like a Brooklynite, then you’ll want to hit up one of the sixteen shops on this list of best clothing stores in Brooklyn. 1. Cloth Cloth is an urban brick-and-mortar store located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. This high-end beauty shop … Read more

restore clothing

4 Household Hacks to Restore Faded Clothes

Colored clothing looks nice when the colors are bold and vibrant. But once their colors fade, you start getting anxious about the drab and unappealing look these faded clothes can give you. To make your garments look their best again, here are the best household hacks to restore faded clothes. 4 Effective Hacks to Restore … Read more

clothing stores in seattle

The 16 Best Clothing Stores in Seattle

The largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Washington brims with retail options for its residents and visitors alike. The center of downtown Seattle is referred to as its “retail core” and is home to the Nordstrom flagship store among a number of other national retailers, but that’s just the beginning. The 17 Best Clothing Stores in … Read more

removing turmeric stains from clothes

5 Ways To Get Turmeric Stain Out of Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Many things can happen in a kitchen, especially with all the ingredients involved in cooking. Your clothes are very much susceptible to stains as you carry on with the necessary processes to finish your dish. Knowing hacks and styles in removing stains is always handy; this involves learning how to get turmeric stains out of … Read more

men's clothing stores chicago

15 best men’s clothing stores in Chicago

Choosing the best men’s clothing stores in Chicago can be tricky. You may have heard about some good stores, and you may know about some bad ones. But, getting the list of clothes places from a reliable source is always a good idea. Below is a list of the best stores in Chicago that provide … Read more