how to wash clothes without detergent

7 Home Products as Alternatives for Laundry Detergent

If you have sensitive skin, using a strong washing detergent may cause blisters in your hands. The solution: find ways how to wash clothes without detergent. Fortunately, there are alternatives for a washing detergent that you can use. Check what products are available and choose what will suit you best. Baking Soda Baking soda is … Read more

removing turmeric stains from clothes

5 Ways To Get Turmeric Stain Out of Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Many things can happen in a kitchen, especially with all the ingredients involved in cooking. Your clothes are very much susceptible to stains as you carry on with the necessary processes to finish your dish. Knowing hacks and styles in removing stains is always handy; this involves learning how to get turmeric stains out of … Read more

does dry erase marker come out of clothes

3 Methods to Remove Dry Erase Markers from Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Dry erase markers are not washable. You can use them only on non-porous surfaces like glass or porcelain. Now, if you or your kids accidentally got these ugly markings on your garments, don’t throw your clothes away. Here are the top three methods to remove dry erase markers from clothes. Method 1: Using Murphy’s Oil … Read more

how to get bbq sauce out of clothes

5 Easy Ways to Remove BBQ Sauce Out of Clothes

Eating a barbecue can get messy. Not only does the barbecue sauce can drip in your hands, but it can also spill in your clothes. Unfortunately, a regular laundry won’t get rid of the barbecue sauce. You must try these methods on how to get bbq sauce out of clothes! Liquid Laundry Detergent Step 1: Get … Read more

how to get lipgloss out of clothes

11 Effective Techniques to Get Lip Gloss Stain Out of Clothes

A tiny smear of lip gloss on your clothes is difficult to remove. Luckily, there are techniques on how to get lip gloss out of clothes. You don’t need to spend money since the items you need are available inside your home. Also, the steps are so easy to follow. Rubbing ammonia to the stained area … Read more

how to remove bacon grease from clothes

How To Get Bacon Grease Out Of Clothes? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Bacon grease should be an essential food item in your kitchen. Whether you want to prepare snacks for your family or a large dish to fill empty stomachs and add some color to the atmosphere, you need the enticing flavor bacon grease provides. But peradventure the grease spills on your clothes in the process, your … Read more

washing machine staining clothes

Why Are My Clothes Coming Out Of The Washer Stained?

Ideally, dirty clothes should come out clean of a washer. However, it doesn’t always work that way because sometimes, your clothes can come out of the washer stained, and you might not even know why. If your clothes come out of the washer stained, here’s how to deal with them. What Makes Clothes Get Stained … Read more

body stains

10 Ways to Remove Sweat Stains Naturally

Is the sweat stain on your white workout clothes causing you shame? Instead of bearing the humiliation, you can remove the sweat stains easily. Aside from that, you can use some of your household items to solve your problem. Read more and learn how to remove sweat stains from clothes! 1. White vinegar Because of … Read more

the lipstick stain

7 Ways To Get Lipstick Out Of Clothes

If you are one of us people who get dressed up before putting on makeup, you have probably found yourself in a situation to have to change at the last minute because some of your lipstick got on your clothes. Don’t worry, your clothes are not ruined! Here are the steps you can take to … Read more

does baby oil stain

8 Ways To Get Baby Oil Out Of Clothes?

Baby oil is one of the most used products in a household raising kid(s). Therefore, it can get on clothes very often, and it can be very irritating. Instead of throwing out baby clothes, or your clothes, continue reading to learn everything about how to get baby oil out of clothes. 8 Ways To Remove … Read more