how to wash tie dye first time

How To Wash Tie Dye Clothes?

Tie-dye clothes have been steadily increasing in popularity, and with a good reason. They are beautiful, extremely fun to make, and they look so good on everyone. As with any colorful clothes, you may be wondering what is the right way to wash them. Find out all about it in this article. How To Wash … Read more

how long does poison ivy stay on clothes

How To Remove Poison Ivy from Clothes? (Step-by-Step Guide)

In some cases, people tend to get poison ivy on their clothes, and it can leave such a nasty stain on the fabric. Also, Urushiol can be hazardous and difficult to remove, so be cautious in removing it. Find out how to get poison ivy out of clothes in this article. How to Remove Poison Ivy … Read more

does breastmilk stain

How to Remove Breast Milk Stains from Clothes? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Many new moms struggle with the idea of breast milk stains on their clothes. They are protein-based, so they can be difficult to remove, especially if it has already been set on the clothes. Read this article to find out how to get breast milk out of clothes. Removing Fresh Breast Milk Stains from Washable … Read more

10 Ways to Remove Eyelash Glue from Clothes

10 Ways to Remove Eyelash Glue from Clothes

Applying false eyelashes can be tricky for beginners. First, you need to find fake lashes that complement the size and shape of your eyes. Second, you need to look for the perfect glue to work with your false eyelashes. Having your false eyelashes and lash glue means you’re ready to flaunt that perfect lash combo. … Read more

how to get smoke out of clothes after house fire

How to Get Smoke Out of Clothes After House Fire?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, around 358,500 homes in the United States experience a fire each year. This number causes an average of $21.9 billion in property damage. Not only does fire cause major unintentional injury at home, but it also damages the personal belongings of property owners. This leaves families to start … Read more

14 Best Clothing Stores in Pittsburgh

Whether visiting Pittsburgh for the weekend or being a resident looking for the best clothing stores in the area, you won’t be disappointed with this list. We’ve researched for you, so now you just have to pick and choose what 15 best clothing stores in Pittsburgh you want to visit. Each boutique or chain store … Read more

4 Easy Steps to Remove Playdough from Clothes

4 Easy Steps to Remove Playdough from Clothes

Playing with playdough is fun. Unfortunately, some mishaps can happen, and one way or another, you end up with playdough sticking on your clothes. Don’t worry! With these easy steps and different methods, you will know how to get playdough out of clothes in no time. What is a Playdough? Playdough (also spelled as play-doh) … Read more

Coconut Oil on Clothes

5 Easy Steps to Get Coconut Oil Out of Clothes

Having our clothes pristine and clean is one of our priorities. No one wants to get out of their house sporting stained and grimy clothes. Unfortunately, accidents can sometimes happen, and one way or another, you end up with coconut-stained clothes. Don’t fret! In this article, we will tell you all about how to get … Read more

Top 3 Ways on How to Get Burrs Out of Clothes

Top 3 Ways on How to Get Burrs Out of Clothes

If you like hiking or going on a picnic out in an open field, you might encounter a problem that involves burr. These dried seeds stick to your clothing and penetrate through, which irritates your skin. Sometimes, suitable clothing is thrown because it is filled with burrs. What are burrs? Burr or bur are spiky … Read more

wood glue on clothes

10 Natural Ways to Remove Wood Glue Out of Clothes

Spilling wood glue on your clothes while doing some woodwork can leave a stubborn stain. Instead of throwing away your favorite garment, you can save it by learning how to get wood glue out of clothes. You don’t need to spend a lot because the solution is in your home. Liquid Soap When it comes to … Read more