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4 Ways To Remove Tea Stains From Clothes

Your tea can spill on your clothes while taking it if you’re not very careful. As such, you will constantly have to be on your toes when taking tea. Nevertheless, not to worry, even if there’s a splatter on your clothes, there are several handy expert tips you can use to save your clothes and … Read more

5 Ways To Remove Wood Stains From Clothes

If you’re a woodworker or often exposed to wood stains, the chances of your clothes getting stained are high. And you don’t want that as wood stains are almost impossible to get rid of once dry. That being said, how do you protect your clothes from wood stains? How do you remove them from your … Read more

4 Steps To Get Free Clothes From Shein

Now than ever, it’s easier to buy any piece of clothing from the internet. You don’t have to go through the stress of walking down different aisles in the mall; different swipes on the website pages of your favorite online fashion retailer will do. However, which online fashion retailer provides stylish clothes at reasonable prices? … Read more

how to make barbie clothes

27 DIY Barbie Clothes Ideas – Free & Easy

If we are on the subject of dolls, the most popular one – Barbie – would probably be the first thing to pop in your head. With Barbie, you are free to dress her up in anything you like. If your doll runs out of things to wear, here are 29 DIY Barbie Clothes ideas … Read more

7 Ways to Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Your Clothes

There’s nothing quite like getting a new tattoo. There’s that excitement and elation that you feel before, during, and after. However, what happens when it stains your clothes? That would certainly be a bummer. So before you get inked, take note of how to get tattoo ink out of clothes before they get ruined! Why … Read more

11 Ways To Get Gum  Out Of Your Clothes

There’s nothing quite like gum sticking to your clothes to ruin your day. As much as we try to avoid something like this from happening, the universe can’t help but tease us. Before you start stressing out, know that there are some things you can do to get gum out of your clothes in no … Read more

What Colours Go With Teal Clothes? (Fashion 2021)

If you’re looking for a color that isn’t too flashy yet gives a touch of class to your dressing, teal is your go-to. It looks good on every skin tone and accentuates the most attractive parts of your body. Combine it with the right colors, and you have a bold fashion statement. That being said, … Read more

how long can you leave clothes in the washer

How Long Can Clothes Sit In The Washer?

It’s no lie that it’s best to take your clothes out of the washer and air them as soon as possible because the earlier they’re out of the washer, the fresher your clothes. Don’t ever get so busy and forget your laundry in the washer. If you’ve ever wondered how long your clothes can sit … Read more

5 Steps to Remove Moth Balls Smells from Clothes

Mothballs are an excellent way to keep insects out of your clothing. However, they have a strong smell that will cling to your clothing and be challenging to get rid of. If your clothes smell like mothballs, try these tricks to get rid of the odor. What are Mothballs Made of? Mothballs are used to … Read more