14 Best Clothing Stores in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is a city that is well known as being the Jazz District, so If you’re visiting Kansas City for its relaxing jazz music, don’t miss the chance to explore its many clothing stores. Here is an overview of the 14 best clothing stores in Kansas City.

1. Sun City Tanning & Swimwear

  • Address: 8233 N Oak Trfy, Kansas City, MO 64118
  • Contact: (816) 468-1815
  • Price: $$


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If you’re looking to obtain tanning services while simultaneously shopping for swimming attire and sportswear, then Sun City Tanning & Swimwear is for you. They offer shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, swimming trunks, dresses, and more.

You can also purchase various types of accessories for the pool and beach, and in addition to enjoying the tanning bed, you can also relax in their hydrotherapy machines.


2. Donna’s Dress Shop

  • Address: 1410 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111
  • Contact: (816) 931-0022
  • Price: $$


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Donna’s dress shop offers a full inventory of unique vintage and contemporary dresses that women will absolutely adore. Open since 2007, this cute little dress shop prides itself on offering a wide array of different brands so that every woman can find something that meets her needs.

You can find the perfect dress for work, going on a date, or even going to a party, and more. Donna’s also has dresses in plus sizes as well as jewelry and other accessories to wear with all the awesome dresses you end up buying.


3. Forever 21

  • Address: 7121 NW 86th Ter # 117, Kansas City, MO 64153
  • Contact: (816)746-5306
  • Price: $


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Forever 21 is a men’s and women’s clothing and shoe store that offers fashionable merchandise for affordable prices. This store offers extended sizes, so plus-sized girls can find affordable and trendy clothing as well. At Forever 21, you can shop for dresses, shoes, jeans, blouses, and much more for women. Men can find slacks, jeans, shirts, and more.


4. Rainbow Shops

  • Address: 4403 E 50th Ter, Kansas City, MO 64130
  • Contact: (816) 921-1099
  • Price: $


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If you’re looking for trendy and attractive clothing for the entire family, then you will definitely have to stop in at Rainbow Shops. Rainbow Shops offers trendy clothing for men, women, and children, along with accessories and some travel items

From plus sizes for women and shoes for women, men and children, shopping at this amazing and affordable store can be fun. You can choose clothing for any season for your family, and you don’t have to worry about going broke in order to wear some of the most fashionable outfits possible.


5. Birdies

  • Address: 116 W 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
  • Contact: (816) 842-2473
  • Price: $$-$$$


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If you’re looking for the ultimate in undergarments, then you’ve found it at Birdies! Birdies specializes in offering a diverse range of underwear styles to suit all body types, ensuring customers feel confident and look their best.

They offer underwear for both men and women, in very unique and attractive styles. They even offer bras and underwear subscriptions where you pay a flat rate and receive bras and/or underwear in the styles that you love most.


6. Big Frog Custom T-Shirts

  • Address: 9022 NW Skyview Ave, Kansas City, MO 64154
  • Contact: (816) 382-3764
  • Price: $$-$$$


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If you like customized t-shirts, then you will love Big Frog’s. At Big Frog, you can customize not only t-shirts but also explore a variety of other items including pants, dresses, accessories, and infant and toddler wear.

Whether you’re looking for a single customized shirt or enough for an entire football team, Big Frog has you covered. Big Frog prides itself on providing excellent customer service and making the best custom items that will last for many years to come.


7. Clothez Minded

  • Address: 4115 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64111
  • Contact: (816) 531-2655
  • Price: $-$$


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Clothez Minded specializes in selling, buying and trading name-brand and designer women’s clothing. They have designated days for buying and selling, so be sure to check their website to find out when you can shop and when you can sell items, if you’re interested.

If you’d like to offer some items for sale, they must be gently used clothing in excellent shape, name-brand or designer women’s clothes. The clothing must be pet and smoke-free and neatly folded and placed in plastic bins. It’s a great place to find quality designer and name-brand clothing for a fraction of what it would cost for new clothes.


8. Loft

  • Address: 235 W 47th St, Kansas City, MO 64112
  • Contact: (816) 541-4849
  • Price: $$


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If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, then you should definitely check out Loft. Loft offers a full inventory of women’s clothing in every category you can think of. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Sunday dress or new office attire, you can find that and more at Loft.

You can also find shoes and various accessories as well. Choose from shopping in-store or online and having your items shipped to your home. You could also opt to pick your order up at the store after shopping online, if you choose to.


9. Normal Human


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Normal Human offers clothing with impactful messages, supporting social causes like fighting racism and drug abuse. They offer t-shirts, hats, and other apparel that contain strong messages on them.

By purchasing their clothing, you’re not only adding trendy casual clothing to your wardrobe, but you’re also participating in the fight to end racism, drug abuse, and much more in your community and others.


10. Halls

  • Address: 2450 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108
  • Contact: (816) 274-3222
  • Price: $$-$$$


If you’re looking for beautiful, designer clothing for men, women and children, then you’re apt to love Halls. Halls specialize in name-brand designer clothing that the entire family will love.

Halls provide a diverse selection of designer clothing, offering options from casual preppy styles to sophisticated formal wear. You’ll enjoy shopping for popular brands like Versace, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Canali, Moncler, Creed and more.


11. Kmart

  • Address: 7100 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151
  • Contact: (816)505-1280
  • Price: $


There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Kmart. If you’re like many people who miss shopping at Kmart stores since so many of them closed, you’ll love the nostalgic feeling of shopping at this Kmart store that is still left.

As they did in the past, Kmart offers clothes for the entire family, from babies to adults. This location is a super Kmart, meaning that it also has a full grocery section, so you can shop for clothes, groceries and everything else all in one, convenient trip.


12. Ross Dress for Less

  • Address: 8331 NW Roanridge Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151
  • Contact: (816)746-1320
  • Price: $

Ross Dress for Less

If you’re searching for another affordable clothing store for the entire family, this Ross Dress for Less is a store that you must see! They offer name-brand clothing for very affordable prices. You can also find shoes, personal care products, home decor and more at Ross Dress for Less.

You can shop at this store for hours and choose numerous outfits while remaining below your budget. It’s unbelievable how great their prices are, and the only thing that you must deal with are the long checkout lines, but their lines are long because others want to take advantage of the great deals as well.


13. Todd’s Clothiers & Tailor Shop

  • Address: 8600 Ward Pkwy STE 2065, Kansas City, MO 64114
  • Contact: (913) 681-8633
  • Price: $$$


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If you’re looking for high-end men’s clothing that offers reasonable prices, then you will definitely have to check out Todd’s. From suits, to shoes and much more, you’ll find the sophisticated clothing that you desire. Todd’s also offers tailor services in case you need something repaired or custom-made. Schedule your one on one consultation with an associate today.


14. Express – $$$

  • Address: 7120 NW 86th Ter, Kansas City, MO 64153
  • Contact: (816)746-6280
  • Price: $$$


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If you and your sweetheart are searching for some dressy attire to go out on the town, then you’ll love shopping at Express. They have a wide variety of different dresses in varying categories, such as “little black dress” and much more.

There are also designer men’s suits that men can wear whether they’re going out for New Year’s Eve, to a wedding or an extravagant dinner and night out on the town. Express also sells jeans for you to change into once you’re done partying, in addition to many appropriate accessories.



This isn’t a complete list of the amazing and unique clothing stores in Kansas City, and once you start shopping, you might find yourself shopping until you drop because of the sheer number of stores.

Don’t forget to enjoy some of the delicious food that the area has to offer, as well.

Best Clothing Stores in Kansas City

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