19 Best Clothing Stores in Jacksonville, FL [2022]

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If you live in Jacksonville, Florida and you wonder what clothing stores are the best ones, look no further than this article. The following includes 20 clothing stores for you and your family.

So, whether you are on a budget or cost is not an issue, there is a perfect clothing store for you and your loved ones:

1. Boutique 3:16

  • Address: 3113 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207
  • Contact: (904) 253-3329
  • Price: $$


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Boutique 3:16 is a great clothing store for women. This store has a great selection of accessories and clothing for women of all sizes. This clothing boutique is well-known to customers for its bold fashion statements.

You will find bridal wear, birthday wear, tapas, fashionable clothing, and tons of accessories at Boutique 3:16.


2. TJMaxx

  • Address: 3550 University Blvd W Jacksonville, FL 32217
  • Contact: (904) 448-4603
  • Price: $$


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TJMaxx is well-known and highly desirable to most people nationwide. No matter what city and state customers are in, customers can expect the local TJMaxx to live up to its reputation.

This store always has a plethora of fashionable apparel and accessories for the whole family. You’ll also find home decor, housewares, pet supplies, and more. TJMaxx offers high-quality brands of footwear, apparel, and accessories for women, men, and children.


3. Uptown Cheapskate

  • Address: 10601 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32257
  • Contact: (904) 438-5258
  • Price: $


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At Uptown Cheapskate, you’ll find lightly used and vintage clothing for men and women. Customers are elated about how they can sell clothes or buy them from this consignment store.

They are also elated about the high-quality, premium-looking clothing this store possesses. And thus, many of these customers are return customers who frequently visit and buy clothes there.


4. Buckle

  • Address: 1910 Wells Rd, Orange Park, FL 32073
  • Contact: (904) 269-8816
  • Price: $


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Buckle is an underrated store that is on the same level as Gap and Kohls for many customers. For over 50 years now, Buckle has been a leading, premium denim clothing store. This brand offers women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Many customers say this clothing store is super awesome.


5. APB

  • Address: 817 Lomax St, Jacksonville, FL 32204
  • Contact: (904) 619-2987
  • Price: $$$

APB is an urban clothing store. The urban types of clothing and accessories are costly, but they sometimes have great deals. At this store, you will find a full array for the whole family.


6. 1st Place Sports

  • Address: 3931 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL, 32217
  • Contact: (904) 731-1900
  • Price: $$$

At 1st Place Sports, you’ll find sportswear and sporting goods. Customers are all abuzz about the high-quality making of the clothing, the grand selections, and professional, friendly staff.


7. Urban Outfitters

  • Address: 4791 River City Dr. Ste 101, Jacksonville, FL, 32246
  • Contact: (904) 564-4226
  • Price: $$$


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Located in the St Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida, you will find the latest in premium urban wear for men and women. This is true for their shoes and apartment decor as well.


8. Old Navy

  • Address: 13221 City Station Dr. Ste 101, Jacksonville, FL, 32218
  • Contact: (904) 696-1489
  • Price: $$


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Old Navy also has fashionable clothing and accessories. This store has frequent sales as well. And if you want classics or trendy looks, you’ll find them there as well. Customers also love the awesome customer service at this Old Navy.


9. Once Upon A Child Orange Park/Jacksonville, FL

  • Address: 6000 Lake Gray Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32244
  • Contact: (904) 573-0760
  • Price: $

As the name implies, this is a great clothing store for children. And with a name like ‘Once Upon A Child’, some may think that this is a high-end clothing store for children, but it’s not.

In fact, you will find a lot of value for your money when buying fashionable attire for your child or grandchild. And since children grow quickly, buying high-quality clothing at very affordable prices is especially wonderful.


10. Kohl’s

  • Address: 11824 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32225
  • Contact: (904) 646-1813
  • Price: $$


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With Kohl’s being an upscale, leading department store since its incorporation in 1988, it’s still going strong. It has amazing clothing, shoes, and accessories for the whole family. Some of their apparel is a bit costly, while others are more affordable or even on clearance.


11. Super Target

  • Address: 13740 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32224
  • Contact: (904) 248-4363
  • Price: $$


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Another amazing department store, this Super Target has a consistent flux of customers anxiously arriving to find the best clothing and accessories.

And what better way for customers to find awesome clothing and accessories for themselves and/or their loved ones and get their groceries at the same spot? You can also get all your other shopping needs there, whether it’s shoes, electronics, or other products.


12. Clothes Mentor

  • Address: 9940 Old Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL, 32256
  • Contact: (904) 329-1387
  • Price: $

This consignment store is another spectacular clothing store that many wouldn’t think is a consignment store. Their clothing looks like premium clothing that you’ll find at boutiques or department stores, like Dillards. They even have maternity clothing.


13. Burlington Coat Factory

  • Address: 9824 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225, United States
  • Contact: (904) 724-4543
  • Price: $$


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Burlington Coat Factory still reigns supreme. In 1924, it started literally as a factory that manufactures outerwear and coats for women. Then, it started small as a women’s coat and outerwear store in 1972.

From Burlington Coat Factory’s small beginnings, this brand has impressively evolved into one of the leading clothing stores nationwide.

Not only do they reign supreme when it comes to their full array of highly fashionable coats, but their clothing is also something to covet. This is true with their infant, children, and adult clothing.

14. Lucky Brand

  • Address: 4712 River City Dr. Ste 111, Jacksonville, FL, 32246
  • Contact: (904) 642-3571
  • Price: $$$


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With this store starting in the heart of downtown Los Angeles in 1990, this brand of clothing lives up to the city’s reputation for style.  This clothing store offers women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and shoes. Customers say this clothing store is super awesome.


15. Beau Outfitters

  • Address: 1972 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32207
  • Contact: (904) 551-3904
  • Price: $$$


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Whether it is outerwear or formal wear, look no further than Beau Outfitters. This clothing store offers premium clothing and accessories for men and boys.

Many customers have given tons of wonderful reviews of this store. Many of them love how their staff is very helpful and super friendly.

Some customers love the online experience when shopping at Beau Outfitters. And because of all these wonderful characteristics, this store has tons of return customers.


16. Meow And Barks Boutique

  • Address: 1537 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32207
  • Contact: (904) 704-8222
  • Price: $$

This boutique puts many other boutiques to shame. They have a plethora of high-end styles for women of all sizes.

This is also true for their plethora of accessories, jewelry, belts, and handbags. With their clothing and accessories, you will definitely get a lot of meowing and barks.


17. Lululemon Athletica

  • Address: 4812 River City Dr. Ste 113, Jacksonville, FL 32246
  • Contact: (904) 645-7904
  • Price: $$$


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When it comes to premium activewear for you and your loved ones, customers will vouch for Lululemon. The awesome comfort, durable, and easy-to-maintain activewear supersedes the competition in tons of customers’ minds.

Lululemon Athletica also has premium quality when it comes to accessories and underwear as well. Even some customers would swear that this store has the best men’s boxer briefs on the planet.


18. Banana Republic

  • Address: 4711 River City Dr. Ste 131 (ST JOHN’S T/C), Jacksonville, FL 32246
  • Contact: (904) 996-2494
  • Price: $$$


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For over 35 years, Banana Republic has been offering a covetable, modern style. Their styles are always well-loved, well-lived, and well-dressed.

This clothing store offers premium clothing and accessories for men, women, boys, and girls. And to add the icing on the cake, customers are well enamored with the friendly staff, the nice space, and the nice selection.


19. Forever 21

  • Address: 10306 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, FL
  • Contact: (904) 660-6859
  • Price: $$$


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Established in Los Angeles, California in 1984, the store was originally named Fashion 21. Originating from Los Angeles, California, of course, most people will fall in love with Forever 21 amazing representation of the edgy, trendy styles of this city.

Even the name and thought of always being young are attractive to just about anyone.

To confirm these sentiments, customers all over have amazing testimonials concerning this store, for instance in Jacksonville.

They said things like love the dresses, the space of two floors, and awesomeness. Customers also expressed how great customer service is.



Whether you are looking for something for a special occasion or the perfect pair of jeans, customers are all abuzz about these clothing stores.

And whether you are on a budget or cost is not an issue, you won’t go wrong with these clothing stores. The store associates at these stores are more than willing to assist you when needed as well.

Also, all of these stores have great sales as well, regardless if the store is high-end or not.

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