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how to remove security tag from clothes

10 Ways to Remove the Security Tag From Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Most stores put security tags on the items they sell to prevent shoplifting. These security tags will activate if you leave the store with them still attached. However, during busy periods, the personnel may forget to remove the security tags off the clothes you purchase. Or you ordered dresses online, and when they arrived, the … Read more

how to get red wine out of clothes

10 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains Out of Clothes

Red wine is fine after a lavish meal, but not when it spills over your favorite shirt. Spills that, if not cleaned up immediately, will turn into stains. Like any other stain, red wine stains can be removed in a variety of ways. The different ways to remove red wine stains will be discussed in … Read more

How to dye clothes? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Dying garments appears to be a simple process, but it is not. It is risky and challenging because, while dyeing might help the fabric look new, you may end up ruining the clothing rather than revitalizing them if you don’t do it correctly. Before you begin dyeing your clothes, you should first learn the fundamentals … Read more

how to shrink polyester clothes

3 Methods to Shrink Polyester Clothes – You Can Do at Home

Having clothes in the right size is good but there are times when the garment is a little too big. It can be a struggle especially when the only choice is to shrink it — more so if the fabric used is polyester. Worry not! This article will share different methods on how to shrink … Read more

how to get sap out of clothing

4 Ways to Successfully Get Sap Out of Clothing

You may think that this is quite a complex problem, something that can’t be solved. But actually, you’re wrong. Sap may be sticky and gooey, but you can still remove sap from clothing. Where do we get tree sap? You usually get stained with tree sap while hiking or camping. But that is not the … Read more

how to get rust out of clothes

How to Get Rust Out of Clothes? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Rust stain is just one of several hard-headed stains that persists no matter how hard and how many times you wash your clothes. To address this issue that most of us encountered, we prepared a list of the easiest ways to get rust out of clothes. How hard to get the rust out of clothes? … Read more

4 Easy Ways to Get Crayon Out of Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Crayons are effective at children preoccupied. However, when kids color beyond the lines and on their clothes, it can be quite a problem. How to get crayon out of clothes is something people with kids wish they knew. It can be challenging but there are plenty of ways to get it done. Are crayon stains … Read more

How Many Clothes Do You Need? – Building Your Wardrobe

Imagine this: You’re desperately looking for some way to blow off steam but you don’t know what to do. Your eyes fall on your closet and voila! You know the perfect thing to do: shopping. But how many clothes do you need? Do you like clothes? Are you a fanatic of clothes? Maybe you find … Read more

how to get rid of clothes moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths?

Clothes face more than one type of hardship in their shelf life. Stains are not the only ones that can damage a piece of clothing or fabric; pests like clothes moths can also be a serious problem that poses danger to your clothes. This is where the knowledge of how to get rid of clothes … Read more

5 Ways to Get Highlighter Out of Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Brightly colored stains can be intimidating. Highlighter stains are noticeable as they mostly come in bright and fluorescent colors. You can get a highlighter stain when working with your notes or helping out a kid with their homework. Nevertheless, knowing how to get highlighter out of clothes can come in handy. Highlighter Stain Removal Methods … Read more