how to declutter your closet

How To Be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes?

Decluttering your clothes can be tough. Perhaps you’re unsure of which items to discard and which to keep. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin because you have tons of clothes! Whatever the case may be, today’s tips and guide questions on how to be ruthless when decluttering clothes will surely help. Why is it … Read more

organizing kids clothes

5 Ways To Organize Kids’ Clothes

Many parents pride themselves on seeing their kids in nice clothes. Some even make it a duty to purchase a new piece monthly. However, before you realize it, your kids’ closet has turned into a mini kiddies clothing store. And you have to deal with organizing your kid’s clothes as often as possible. In this … Read more

how to remove print from shirt

2 Easy Ways To Remove Logos From Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Printing logos on clothes is how manufacturing companies design shirts, hoodies, and bags and promote their brand. However, if the logo is getting faded, you want to change it, or you don’t want it anymore, you can remove it from your clothes by yourself. Below is how to do it. Ever Wanted To Know How … Read more

selling clothes on instagram

10 Winning Tips to Sell Clothes on Instagram

It takes some practice to figure out how to sell clothes on Instagram and which tactics will work best for your business. To avoid guesswork, keep reading to discover ten winning tips to sell clothes on Instagram. You’ll soon be attracting new folks who may become your next loyal customers. Can you sell clothes on … Read more

vtg meaning clothes

What is Vintage Clothing? (Definition, Significance & Buying Tips)

The term “vintage clothing” has many connotations. It could mean any old garment to some, while others believe it just relates to the garment’s age. Read on to discover what is “vintage clothing” as well as its definition, significance, and tips to tell if a piece of clothing is vintage. What is vintage clothing? In … Read more

packing for college

How Many Clothes Should You Bring To College?

Going to college is an important milestone in everyone’s life. It comes with many questions and doubts, one of them being – how many clothes will it be enough to bring with you? The answer depends on several factors, so continue reading to determine how many clothes should you bring to college with you. Where … Read more

rhinestone application

How To Put Rhinestones On Clothes?

Rhinestones are to your outfits what accessories are to your clothes. They add elegance and class to your clothes, making them extra sparkling. You can buy rhinestone-studded outfits, or you can put the rhinestones on your clothes yourself. All you need is to choose the type that suits your clothes and find time to do … Read more

how to fade clothes

How To Fade Clothes? (Step-by-Step Guide)

It might sound weird that you want to fade your clothes intentionally, but there are many reasons you should fade your clothes. For example, you can fade clothes to achieve a specific color or look trendy.  It also gives your clothes a worn and relaxed look while retaining the style. Clothes: What Makes Them Fade … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Air-dry Your Clothes?

How you dry your clothes is equally as important as how you wash them because the drying mode determines the smell of the clothes. For this reason, it’s advised you air-dry your clothes because it’s safer and rid your clothes of germs. That said, how long does it take to air-dry your clothes? What factors … Read more

how to protect embroidery on clothing

How to Wash and Care for Embroidered Clothes?

Embroidery is wearable art that can make regular clothes into extraordinary ones. You can make your garments unique by embroidering images of flowers, animals, fruits, and other colorful patterns. However, these clothes are very delicate, so they need to be treated gently. We’ll be teaching you how to wash and care for embroidered clothes in … Read more