How to Display Clothes at A Yard Sale?

Yard sales have been a popular tradition in many areas for decades.  It has been a part of decluttering processes and has been very popular, as seen in movies and series.

You must know how to display clothes at a yard sale in order to sell pre-loved items. This way, you can sell them and earn extra money while decluttering.

Arranging the Sections of a Yard Sale

how to hang clothes for garage sale

Yard sales don’t only sell a single product but a variety of them. This can include clothes, toys, appliances, furniture, accessories, and many more. And so, you have to create a space that accommodates these things.

The area should be organized, clean, and appealing to potential buyers. Despite the products being second-hand, they still need to be presentable to be in a purchasable state. Clothes, for example, should be organized and displayed correctly.


A good and organized display allows for convenience both for the customer and you. You can have the clothes on one side of the place and designate different spaces for the other things available.

This will make it easier for you to remember where things are and be more capable of answering queries about your yard sale.

Pleasing to the eyes

An organized yard sale is a definite customer magnet. Potential buyers would prefer looking around a yard sale that’s organized adequately as it’s pleasing to the eye.

The Clothing Section

yard sale ideas for hanging clothes

There are a lot of methods to try when displaying clothes. These various items allow for a lot of creativity in displaying them. You can be creative, but always remember your primary purpose: to sell.

Clothing rack

One of the easiest and most classic methods for yard sales is using clothing racks. These are convenient helpers as they are probably already present in your homes. Clothing racks make it so easier for potential buyers to scan and see through your collection.

This also keeps the display neat and organized. You can have a lot of options like hanging your clothes by pair, by style, by color, or by price.

If you do not own a rack, you can search the internet for DIY clothing racks you can try to make. It would be extra fun to have an additional project with the stuff you want to declutter.


Another way to display the clothes is by piling them on a lovely table. Piling does not mean placing the pieces of clothes incoherently onto the table. You would need to fold them to be still nice and organized for the buyers.

This display method is a space saver, but it requires more effort than hanging them on a hanger.

Plastic tubs

You can choose not to fold the clothes at all too. However, you would organize the clothes with plastic tubs and perhaps separate them by any category you want to.

You can put the shirts in one tub, the pants in another, socks, and other types of clothing in compartments of your preference. You can also separate your tubs of clothes by price. Just make sure that they are neatly stacked despite not being folded.

On the ground

Although it might seem like an unconventional approach, success depends on how you present the items on the ground. You can add a mat or a used carpet to save the clothes from touching the ground or the grass. This will also make your display neater.

Preparing For The Yard Sale

displaying clothes at a yard sale


Since you’ll be selling a variety of items, it’s essential to price them appropriately.

Price them properly. If you see something of excellent quality, then sell it for a higher price, but if you have pretty old clothes and pieces of clothing that look worn, you can price them cheaper.

Only you would know what’s reasonable or not, but it would be appropriate, to be honest, and not overprice the items. You can name a price per bulk or batch, and you can individually label them as you please.

While you can give them prices once a person picks them up, it could be a hassle as you would need to calculate and try to weigh its characteristics to come up with a reasonable price.

Thus, tending to their prices before opening the yard sale would save you so much time.

Choosing the Best Dates for Your Yard Sale

Depending on the area, picking a good date can significantly affect sales. Just like how malls and stores are packed during the Christmas season and other holidays, there are days when people are usually free and out to buy stuff.

Typically, Fridays and Saturdays are perfect days to open a yard sale. People may be on their last day of work or already on their day off and weekend.

Picking a location

To attract many potential buyers, you would need to find a spot with a lot of action. It would be best if you were somewhere noticeable and visited by people. It could be a space outside your house if you happen to live somewhere with many people passing by.

On the other hand, if you live somewhere quiet or in a rural area, you could try and hit up friends who live in busy areas, and perhaps you can display your stuff in their yard instead.


If you have extra time and you would like a more organized yard sale, you can spend time making some price tags for your clothes.

You can make price tags and item tags to specify the items for sale and help the customers spot things they may have on their list. You can be as creative as you want in making the tags.

This way, it will add up to your space’s attractiveness. In making labels, prioritize clear pricing and item details. For added flair, you can incorporate silly jokes, quotes, and doodles.

Preparing the Clothes for Sale

how to display clothes at garage sale

For the clothing section, there are many things you can do to make it more fun for you and the customers.

Wash and dry

First and foremost, the clothes you display must be clean and dry. It will not be a good impression if one of them is severely creased, smelly, or moist. You won’t find buyers for that.

Before displaying them at the yard sale, you should wash the pieces of clothing. If they are severely creased, you can iron them or steam them.

Show off!

You should display your best products and put them out front to attract customers to displaying clothes. The best outcomes will encourage potential buyers to scan and look into your products more.

Extra is good

You can exert extra effort in displaying them. This means you can let your creativity run free in your body. You can place mannequins, design unique hangers, fold them in a new way, or place some designs on the table like ornate figurines and fake jewels.

 Essential Tips for Conducting a Successful Yard Sale

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Cleanliness is key

Of course, potential buyers wouldn’t buy something dirty. It’s essential to clean the stuff you sell as well as the space you would be selling at.

Group your items

To make it easier for your buyers, you should group your items depending on their type. For example, you can group the bracelets, earrings, rings, t-shirts, pants, figurines, pieces of furniture, appliances together.

This way, your customers will know where to look if they want to buy something specific. For clothing items, you can group them multiple ways like just tops, just bottoms, just hankies, etc.


You can make a bunch of promotional stuff for your yard sale. It can be cute with different materials like stickers and colored pens, and markers. It’s an opportunity to show off your creativity and upgrade your stall.

Be as extra as you can

Aside from conducting a yard sale, you can sell more products to add to your sales. Perhaps you can promote another business if you have any. You can even sell snacks for your buyers.

It’s an excellent opportunity to sell lemonade, cookies, biscuits, and other snacks. This creates a cozy environment for potential buyers, and it will increase their interest in your yard sale.

Be nice

A positive and pleasant attitude should be non-negotiable even when you aren’t conducting a yard sale. However, if someone causes havoc and is being super rude to you or your friends, you have all the right to invite them to leave.

Nevertheless, be nice and do not put pressure on your potential buyers.


Organizing a yard sale can be a challenging endeavor. You migh A yard sale can be an enjoyable experience for you, but first of all, it would be good to know some tips and hacks on how to display clothes at a yard sale.

how to display clothes at a yard sale

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