how to hem shirts

5 Easy Methods You Can Hem a Shirt

Imagine yourself on a sunny day and come across a fabulous t-shirt you like to add to your wardrobe. But here’s a dilemma. You’re supposed to be favorite t-shirt is practically hanging on your knees once you put it on. And yes, I can relate to that since I’ve been there too. But the excellent … Read more

Shirt Weigh

How Much Does a Shirt Weigh?

Knowing how much a shirt weigh doesn’t sound like it matters. However, for those in the apparel industry, the shirt’s weight can hold so much information about the garment. This article will tell you how to weigh a shirt and what it entails. How Much Does a Shirt Weigh? With many factors on the line, … Read more

How to Shrink a Shirt

How to Shrink a Shirt? (Step-by-Step Guide)

While it’s wise to choose the right size for you whenever you find clothes that you like, there are times when other measures are not available. Well, you can just continue shopping, but this isn’t the case when it’s in demand or a thrift shop. In these situations, you can learn how to shrink a … Read more

how to start a children's clothing line

13 Steps To Start A Baby Clothing Line

Starting a business can seem risky and uncertain, but if you are set on starting a baby clothing line, we are here to help you make it a bit easier. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about starting a clothing line for babies. 13 Steps To Owning Your Own … Read more

what your clothes say about you

What Do Your Clothes Say About Your Personality?

Often, our clothes are associated with who we are as a person. Some people may even judge us based on how we present ourselves and what type of clothes we wear. In this article, we’ll explain the connection between clothes and personality. Find out what your clothes say about you. Connections between our Clothes and … Read more

The Complete Guide To Tailor Your Clothes

Sometimes, you need to make quick fixes to your clothes or make new ones, and you don’t want to go to the tailor, or you don’t have enough money at hand. All hope isn’t lost. With a few easy steps, some patience, and sewing tools, you can learn to tailor your clothes. Want to learn … Read more

6 Steps To Use Clothes Steamer (Step-By-Step Guide)

Many people don’t like ironing clothes. Frankly, it gets pretty repetitive and kind of boring after a while. The good news is, there is a way to make it way more interesting! If you’ve never tried steaming your clothes instead of ironing them, now is the time. If you are not sure how to use … Read more

Bad Luck to Wash Clothes

When Is It Bad Luck to Wash Clothes?

There are many things unique to every culture, and there is still a lot to learn. Superstitions, beliefs, and so much more than make up a whole. In every area, there are superstitions related to laundry. When you are somewhere new, it can come in handy to know, “When is it bad luck to wash … Read more

Display Clothes at A Yard Sale

How to Display Clothes at A Yard Sale?

Yard sales have been an ongoing thing for many areas. It has been a part of decluttering processes and has been very popular, as seen in movies and series. You must know how to display clothes at a yard sale in order to sell pre-loved items. This way, you get then sold and have extra … Read more

Iron-on Labels on Clothing

How to Remove Iron-on Labels from Clothing

Iron-on labels can be a great way of identifying garments or providing manufacturer information. However, there will be times when you want to remove them. To help you with this dilemma, we’ve gathered ways on how to remove iron-on labels from clothing without damaging them. All About Iron-on Labels What are iron-on labels? Iron-on labels … Read more