What is Bespoke Clothing?

In the fast-paced world, a lot of changes happen every minute. These changes range from minor to major and in different departments.

Fashion has been changing, evolving, returning, and reborn ever since. Many new things were discovered and created over the years, so you might wonder, “What is bespoke clothing?”

A Closer Look on Bespoke Clothing

what is bespoke clothing

You might have already heard of the term bespoke in fashion many times as it has existed for quite some time now. Like everything in the world, bespoke clothing also has a rich and fascinating history about how it came to be.

Typically, bespoke has been long associated with a tailoring brand named “Savile Row’s Bespoke Men’s Tailoring.” Over the years, this term has taken a new position in the industry, and now it’s also used as a term detached from the brand.

The term bespoke is usually associated with higher-priced clothing bought only by those in the upper class.

Bespoke clothing is traditionally misunderstood as something nothing less than a luxury. However, bespoke clothing is just basically clothing that is tailor-made for you.

In other terms, bespoke clothing is the exact opposite of clothes you readily buy from stores. Bespoke garments are made precisely for you.

This means you are free to specify anything you want for your clothes, including requests as long as it’s allowed and possible. In bespoke clothing, the tailor gets your details and proceeds to cut and make clothing that’s primarily meant to fit you perfectly.

Tailors usually measure and list at least 40 measurements to ensure that the clothing perfectly fits their customers. They also employ multiple fittings to ensure that they get everything right and in place.


Bespoke, Made to Measure, and Off The Rack Suit

what is a bespoke suit

Nowadays, purchasing a suit has been both a challenge and something interesting to do. The fashion industry has come a long way and has grown so much over the years.

These days, you have many more choices than ever before. On the other hand, it can be pretty overwhelming for the same reasons. To narrow down your choices, it’s good to know about what you like and what’s available in your area.

Suits can be categorized into three broad categories: bespoke, made to measure, and off the rack. To better know your choices and have an overview of what you like, you need to learn about their similarities, differences, and anything crucial in between.

Bespoke suit

bespoke tailor

A bespoke suit is known to be the suit that is most perfect for you. It is designed to be the ideal fit and the ideal material for your preference.

Good quality also calls for a reasonable price, so bespoke suits are more expensive as they require expertise. Bespoke suits are made from scratch. This means both the design and pattern are made entirely from scratch and, thus, unique to an individual.

When it comes to bespoke suits, tailors do not ever reuse or revise whatever pattern they have made for the previous customer.

Made to measure suit

bespoke suit definition

A custom suit is also termed made to measure. This means exactly what it says. Custom suits are made specifically with the customer in the tailor’s mind. Made to measure suits follow an existing pattern and design.

From this point, the tailor takes your measurements then adapts, alters, or modifies whatever is needed for the suit to fit you. A made-to-measure suit is sure to fit your height and should wrap around your figure nicely.

However, it would not be 100 percent intimately body-specific. For made-to-measure suits, the options for customization are more limited (shoulder pads, accessories, etc.)


what is bespoke

These suits are more budget-friendly than both made-to-measure and bespoke suits. They are ready to wear, and you are good to go after your purchase. Of course, these are not specifically cut and made for you, but some sizes will fit you.

Benefits of Bespoke Clothing

meaning of bespoke

Perfect fit

If something out there fits you perfectly, it’s bespoke clothing. These clothes are made specifically for you, and so you can be sure that it’s a perfect fit, hugging your body gently and as it’s designed to.

Off-the-rack clothes can be quite a handful as you would need to find something to fit your size. A bespoke article is also sure to showcase and highlight your features. In other words, these clothes are flattering.

Top-tier material quality

The materials used in bespoke clothing are nothing short of an excellent class. You get what you pay for when it comes to bespoke clothing.

When purchasing an article of bespoke clothing, you can choose whatever fabric you want. In short, you get to pick the quality, style, and characteristics you want in your material.

Will last

Bespoke clothing is designed to last. Not only are they made with expertise and skillful hands, but the fabric is of premium quality. Another thing to note is the processes.

The processes involved are indeed done with people best suited for them. Even the littlest details are paid attention to when making bespoke clothing.


Bespoke clothing is the most intimate because of the many ways you can personalize them. Aside from the fact that they are unique to each individual, you can also specify and get as creative as you want with any piece of clothing.

You can customize all the way to sizing, types of fabrics and materials, style, and even add accessories. Bespoke clothes allow you to be as creative as you want and let your imagination run wild.

Ethical and eco-friendly

The fact that bespoke clothing is the opposite of mass production is enough proof that these articles of clothes are Earth-friendly. Bespoke clothing aims to offer top-tier quality fabrics that are both natural, biodegradable, and positively benefit the environment.

Good look

Last but not least, these clothes look good on you. These clothing pieces are the perfect fit, and they hug your figure just like how you want them.


Taking Care of Your Bespoke Clothing

bespoke clothing

While bespoke clothing is very durable and long-lasting, they still need to be taken care of. This way, you maintain their excellent quality for a long time.


Any piece of clothing needs to be cleaned. As for bespoke suits, dry clean them as rarely as you can. Dry cleaning involves chemicals that can harm your suit. These chemicals can cause some fabrics to dry out.

Getting rid of creases

Although ironing your bespoke clothing is fine, it’s not encouraged. The recommended method to get rid of creases is to steam them. This helps remove light wrinkles and keeps your clothes sleek and in shape.

Ironing your bespoke clothing can be a bit extreme, considering that ironing can be too hot for the fabric. Intense heat can cause harm and damage to your clothing.


Brushing is an essential part of owning an article of bespoke clothing. Brushing them removes dirt, dust, food particles, and other unnecessary things that might have stuck on them.

Brushing is also necessary for bespoke suits as they help redistribute natural oils found on the fabric. These natural oils assist in prolonging and maximizing the life of the material.

Only use a pure bristled brush and make sure it’s good quality. You can ask your tailor for recommendations. You can brush your suit after every use.

Let it breathe

You are not supposed to wear bespoke clothes simultaneously. It’s essential to give them time to breathe between the times you wear them. This will help prolong your clothes’ lifespan and avoid the image of being someone that “does not clean their clothes.”


Hanging and Brushing Your Bespoke Suit

bespoken definition


In hanging your bespoke suits, the recommended material for your hanger is wood. Wood is solid and sturdier than other materials. Wood is also not prone to rust, so your suit is safe from staining because of rusty hangers.

Another good thing about wooden handers is their ability to absorb moisture which helps prevent odor accumulation. In hanging suits, it’s paramount that the shoulder pads lay on a solid and sturdy surface. This way, the pads do not develop any divots.


Yes, there is a correct way to brush your suits. As mentioned earlier, you would need a brush with soft bristles and good quality. This way, your suit is not irritated or ruined in the process.

Hang your suit on a hanger, make sure that the jacket is unbuttoned, and start bruising gently from top to bottom. Move from the lapels to the neck, under the collar, then the seams.

For the sleeve, hold one sleeve on the cuff until it’s stretched gently then, keep on bruising in a downward motion starting from the shoulder seam.


When expanding your knowledge about the fashion industry, it’s crucial to explore styles and history. Answering questions like ”What is bespoke clothing?” is part of the learning journey.

Knowing your choices also helps in choosing your preferred article of clothing. Whether you decide off-the-rack, made to measure, or bespoke is all dependent on your preference.

bespoke clothes

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