Top 12 Clothing Stores in Portland – 2022

Many people would be surprised to know the colorful and pioneering history of fashion in Portland. The first swimsuit was born in Portland, replacing bulky and uncomfortable bathing wear.

Portland is also the home of sportswear icons Nike and White Stag, the country’s largest retailer of ski clothing. In the last 20 years, Portland has developed its unique indie style that is respected worldwide.

Portland is a haven for those seeking the opportunity to be themselves, express their personality through personal style, and buck trends. So, what are some of Portland’s best offerings when it comes to clothing stores?

1. Wildfang

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Wildfang has embraced the 21st Century cultural revolution and blazed a trail for comfortable, functional, and non-stereotypical clothing.

Breaking free of gender norms and celebrating the fact that the market is made up of masculinity, femininity, and everything in-between, their range is designed to suit everyone as an individual.

In addition, Wildfang is passionate about giving back to the community and has contributed over $500 000 to good causes. They work tirelessly to improve society by contributing to sustainability and are committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Price Point: $$$

Location: 404 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205, United States

Contact: (503) 964-6746


2. Bridge & Burn

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Named after one of their early designs, a hand-holding a match to a bridge with the words “Never Look Back” leaping off the chest, Bridge & Burn has entrenched itself as a Portland icon.

Bridge & Burn is known for its versatile, comfortable, and utilitarian clothing that is inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Focusing on individuality, they buck the trends and capture Portland’s vibrant culture and the creativity of its people. Bridge & Burn’s Portland flagship store also offers third-party accessories and home goods and stocks additional independent brands.

Price Point: $$

Location: 1029 SW Harvey Milk St, Portland, OR 97205, United States

Contact: (971) 279-4077


3. Scotch and Soda

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Although Scotch and Soda may not be a Portland original, they are a well-known staple of the community and are definitely worth noting.

Celebrating the famous free spirit of Amsterdam, Dutch-born Scotch and Soda is a champion of individuality, self-expression, and authenticity.

Their Portland branch is a melting pot of classic and contemporary, practical yet stylish designs and a smorgasbord of texture and color. They breathe new life into enduring classics by adding original twists and taking a different approach.

They have their own denim label – Amsterdams Blau – known for exclusive casts, washes, and salvage.

Scotch and Soda also prioritizes sensitivity to the environment, ensuring they are conscious of their impact and mindfully working towards being more sustainable every day.

Price Point: $$$$$$$

Location: 340 SW Morrison St #2395, Portland, OR 97204, United States

Contact: (971) 202-1502


4. Lizard Lounge

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Lizard Lounge is the perfect mix of comfortable casuals and fine couture. Partnering with innovative brands keeps their finger on the pulse of fashion trends and quality fabrics.

Offering a broad catalog tailored to all tastes and senses of style, they stock versatile ranges that suit both the working week and the social scene.

The Lounge also stocks a broad range of sportswear for the outdoor enthusiast, who love and appreciate the beauty that the Portland region offers beyond the city limits.

Their welcoming store offers comfortable seating areas where you can enjoy a freshly brewed Stump Town coffee, plug into their iMac station to get some work done, have a game of ping-pong, or enjoy the gallery of photographs shot by local talent.

Price Point: $$$

Location: 1426 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Contact: (503) 452-6940


5. Portland Gear

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Portland Gear wears the city’s name with pride, and the “Made in Portland” label has become sought after across the country.

Every product is printed locally, and their apparel captures the clean, classic, and utilitarian style that Portland’s landscape provides.

Originally an e-commerce site, founder Marcus Harvey realized that his brand appealed to tourists and locals alike. In 2019, Portland Gear opened a retail store in Goose Hollow and has never looked back.

The social media presence is still living large, and their @portland Instagram is very popular, making it a tourist attraction where travelers from across the globe find themselves taking selfies to hashtag the store.

Price Point: $$

Location: 627 SW 19th Ave, Portland, OR 97205, United States

Contact: (503) 437-4439


6. REI

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Street Vault is a high-end streetwear mainstay and art gallery in the Pearl District. Portland’s casual yet stylish culture has created the perfect home for streetwear stores.

Streetwear became global in the 1990s and centers on casual yet comfortable pieces like T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and baseball caps.

While it may seem like basic casual to the untrained eye, the cult status of streetwear has ensured that intentional product scarcity has made it a high-end market.

Lovers of the style search high and low for limited-edition releases. Street Vault supports local talent and their art gallery boasts an array of contemporary artwork. They pride themselves on bringing world culture to Portland.

Price Point: $$

Location: 1405 NW Johnson St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

Contact: (503) 221-1938


7. Workshop Vintage

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The Workshop Vintage collection is full of stories and nostalgia, an eclectic mix of vintage clothing oozing character. They also have a range of locally-made artisan goods and offer private shopping parties for the ultimate shopping experience.

Their inventory is not the only thing that will enchant your soul.

Their unique building design includes a dressing pod inspired by their honeycomb logo and beautiful, reclaimed wood display cases, shelves, and stands, housing a range of notebooks, jewelry, and clothing reminiscent of the 20th century.

This is a great spot to shop when creating a new home or room, and the ideal place to find conversation starters.

Price Point: $$

Location: 4011 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227, United States

Contact: (503) 206-5813


8. SaySay Boutique

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This proudly Portland boutique is locally owned and a showcase for independent designers from around the world. Their women’s range is infused with clothing that will suit every style, from quirky to classic.

SaySay is known for its funky socks, cheeky thunderpants, and unique, handmade jewelry. SaySay is in the heart of Portland’s downtown district, but its full range is also available online, with free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the person who already has everything, SaySay has an awesome range of novelty wear, for every personality type.

Price Point: $$

Location: 1010 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97205, United States

Contact: (503) 223-1282


9. Altar

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Altar was born in 2010 (under a different name) as a haven for independent artists from the Portland area. They have since evolved and now showcase independent manufacturers and artists from across the continent.

They believe that artistry and craftsmanship are essential parts of human connection, focusing on handmade storytelling.

Altar is a firm advocate of supporting local and all their apparel is proudly made in the USA, and they are dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Price Point: $$

Location: WASHINGTON SQUARE, 9345 SW Washington Square Rd Space T-13, Portland, OR 97223, United States

Contact: (503) 388-5652


10. Amelia

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Located in the Alberta Arts District, Amelia is surrounded by the city’s best shopping and is named for its owner and in-house designer. Amelia custom designs and tailors to clients’ needs.

They also house a collection of beautiful, vintage-style clothing and accessories made by U.S designers. They believe that your clothes should fit you, not the other way around, and they cater to all shapes, sizes, and styles.

They also have a superb range of unique home goods and body products. Amelia is the ultimate shopping experience for both made-to-wear and tailor-made designs that express the individual’s character.

Price Point: $$

Location: 2230 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211, United States

Contact: (503) 567-8315


11. Banshee

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Banshee is the ultimate balance of quality vintage clothing and stylish modern fashion.

They began as a small, seasonal vintage shop have since established themselves as a staple specialty store that celebrates independent and artisan brands produced using ethical, environmentally soft methods.

With new lifestyle necessities and a delightful range of objects added weekly, each visit to Banshee will bring something new to the experience.

If you are decorating a new home, this is a great place to find some unique, nostalgic pieces that will add character to your space.

Price Point: $$

Location: 2410 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214, United States



12. Machus

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Machus is a menswear store that supports emerging designers and supplies iconic brands, offering a well-rounded shopping experience. In addition, they often offer exclusive limited editions that develop the best quality product with a modern point of view.

Machus opened on 11/11/11, hence their six-bar logo, and their mission is to curate a store with the most compelling designers in the contemporary men’s market.

They believe personal connection is crucial and, with smaller brands, they know the designers and hear their stories.

Price Point: $$$

Location: 1101 SW Alder St, Portland, OR 97205, United States

Contact: (503) 206-8626



These Portland clothing stores capture the city’s unique style and how its people embrace individuality and self-expression. The Portland style has evolved and taken shape over the past two decades and come into its own as a fashion hub.

Their up-and-coming designers and Portland’s Fashion Week have put it securely on the map, and it certainly holds its own among fashion’s big fish.

Portland is the perfect marriage of Pacific Northwest outdoor living and the unique boho-chic that has seen the rise of vintage apparel and modern classic vibes.

There is a firm break away from the one-size-fits-all mindset and strong support for local designers and made in America pride.

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