Top 11 Japanese Clothing Stores In New York 2023

Japanese fashion is hot, and there are thousands of Japanese living in New York who need to find the best clothing stores available. Why not cater to their needs.

There are roughly 20,000 Japanese residents in New York City and approximately 45,000 throughout the Greater New York Metropolitan area.

Several Japanese have been from temporary groups, including college students, entertainers, and corporate executives.

To meet their exquisite tastes, we sought out the best Japanese clothing stores in NYC  and came up with:

1. 180 The Store

  • Price Point: $$$$
  • Location: 180 Duane St, New York, NY 10013
  • Contact: (212) 226-5506

japanese clothing in nyc

The name is correct because if you pass it and glance inside, you’ll have to make a 180° turn to check out the beautiful selections on display. Don’t worry about the dollar signs; this is top tier for the best Japanese clothing stores in NYC.

It is a place where design companies and designers showcase their best work. At any given time, you can go there to witness a local or international show and buy high-quality, beautiful products.

It’s a commercial and event location that brings together well-known brands, up-and-coming designers, and high-quality handicrafts. 180 the Store rotates its display in a manner akin to an art gallery, providing a dynamic shopping experience for customers.


2. About Glamour

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 310 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Contact: (718) 599-3044

japanese clothing store in new york

If you’re seeking vintage Japanese clothing and other products, then this is your stop.

Art gallery/retail shop with a wide selection of vintage apparel, accessories, and more. The concept of combining art and fashion, which goes hand in hand, is fantastic.

Regardless of which one attracts the customers, both the gallery and clothing store are sure to benefit.

A business like About Glamour fits in New York. There is no effort to make About Glamour hip and current; it just happens to be. The things available are of the highest quality.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at About Glamour: stylish clothing, inexpensive art, or exquisite jewelry. Take a look around and pick up a one-of-a-kind piece.


3. 45R New York

  • Price Point: $$$
  • Location: 169 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012
  • Contact: (917) 237-0045

new york japanese clothing store

Pretty expensive, but you get value for your money. The store design takes you back to those days of old Japanese movies, but the clothes are top of the line in terms of style and quality.

Its earthy, rustic boutique highlighting contemporary Japanese styles in natural fabrics for males & females makes it stand out from the pack.

The company specializes in classic, comfortable, and long-lasting clothes. In many cases, they have a biased dress style based on vintage inspirations, but who’s complaining?

For spinning, threading, and stitching parts, 45R is on a mission to discover the top manufacturers in Japan’s textile sector with whom to work.

Farming for the ai indigo plant occurs in Tokushima prefecture, the denim weaving happens on shuttle looms in Okayama prefecture, and the dyeing gets done in Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Nagoya.


4. Kimono House

  • Price Point: $$$
  • Location: 131 Thompson Street Front B, New York, NY 10012
  • Contact: (212) 505-0232

japanese clothing stores in nyc

Kimono House is one of the best Japanese clothing stores in NYC that has been selling kimonos, coats, obi sashes, and other traditional Japanese clothing and accessories for more than two decades. You can also rent a complete outfit for a particular occasion!

Numerous publications and film productions have used their services for kimono dressing. Hair and cosmetics for kimono, kimono styling and renting obi twisting, and kimono courses are among the offerings they provide.

A wide variety of kimono-related clothing and accessories, including modern and vintage obis, are available for purchase there, including the newest in kimono and robe fashions.

Kimonos in a wide variety of patterns and designs are available at this store. Whether you’re looking for a casual look or something more formal, you’ll find it here.


5. MUJI Fifth Avenue

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 475 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017
  • Contact: (212) 447-1690

japanese clothing nyc

When you step through the doors, you’ll find simplicity at its best—no high-end brand clothing, or wrappings, etc. Just beautiful items made most simply.

This concept works since they now have more than a thousand stores worldwide and over seven thousand products. You have two store levels to browse clothing and household, plus sometimes you get free food samples on arrival. Nothing beats that!

Muji gets the most recognition for its minimalistic, helpful design concept, provided at a moderate price with an understated Japanese style. Unobtrusive ornamentation or embellishment does not distract from the product’s emphasis.

One of Japan’s most recognized lifestyle brands, Muji, or “No-Brand Quality Goods,” sells simple, functional, high-quality home and clothing goods.

Muji’s concept focuses on the Japanese Zen philosophy, which lends the brand an exquisite and straightforward look.


6. Blue in Green

  • Price Point: $$$
  • Location: 8 Greene St, New York, NY 10013
  • Contact: (212) 680-0555

japanese clothes nyc

Japanese men in New York and even those just visiting love this store. The denim selections are fabulous. It’s a beautiful shop that specializes in Japanese clothes and accessories.

However, because each product is limited, the sizing can vary greatly, yet the personnel is amicable and helpful.

From their boutique at 8 Greene St., they started to sell Japanese denim as early as 2006.

Their dedicated consumers have helped them expand the firm into an internationally renowned denim reference center for American and Japanese denim.


7. Nanamica

  • Price Point: $$$$
  • Location: 125 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012

japanese clothing store new york

Looking for Japanese utility and sports items, and you’re willing to dig deep into your pocket for the highest quality products, you’ve reached your destination.

Nanamica uses the phrases “UTILITY” and “SPORTS” as a jumping-off point to create “standard clothing for the contemporary age” with a gender-neutral aesthetic that cuts over genre lines.

They don’t follow the latest fads and instead focus on creating high-quality products that people will cherish for years to come.

When they work with individuals from all across the globe, regardless of ethnicity or religion, they always appreciate the picture of the ocean, which symbolizes our brand’s moniker, “House Of The Seven Seas.”.


8. Thirteen Crosby

  • Price Point: $$
  • Location: 4A Prince St, New York, NY 10012
  • Contact: (347) 949-3229

japanese clothing new york

For Y2K-era, classic vintage, designer brands, and independent designers, as well as quirky accessories and home furnishings, Thirteen Crosby has it all! They cater to a wide range of tastes.

They feature some of the most innovative and appealing designs from the United States and Japan.

If you’re interested in working with Thirteen Crosby as they continue to expand their team of creatives in the fashion industry, you should send your resume to [email protected].

Small yet vast, their pop-ups are embracing style + live music, supporting drag queens and Pride, as well as showcasing the most inventive streetwear, vintage apparel, swimwear, and jewelry.


9. Seigo Neckwear

  • Price Point: $$$
  • Location: 1248 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10128
  • Contact: (212) 987-0191

japan clothing store new york

We know it says neckwear, and they do have a fantastic collection, but you’ll get other accessories too, including hats. The colorful variety is breathtaking, and you’ll find something for every season. By the way, their designs are unique.

For the best-dressed guys on the planet, SEIGO’s exclusive ties and bowties are fashioned and colored. One hundred percent genuine silk is used to make these ties, which will last a lifetime.

Hand-sewn by expert seamstresses, they provide excellent resistance as well as a beautiful drape.

To-ka Machi in Niigata publishes their hand-blocked silk-screen printed materials, and their textiles get stitched in modest Kyoto factories with particular directions.

Both cities have a long history of being essential producers of traditional Japanese clothing known as kimono.

Most people would agree that the dressier appearance that woven patterns provide makes them better suited for formal clothes. In some instances, only eight ties of the same design exist globally.

A serial number is printed on the back of each one to confirm its legitimacy. The serial numbers come only on the ties.



  • Price Point: $$$
  • Location: 474 Broome St, New York, NY 10013
  • Contact: (646) 600-6012

japanese clothes new york

With its line of women’s denim, it’s a friendly outpost of a trendy Japanese retailer with a national reputation for style.

Menswear-inspired, while also paying homage to Japanese minimalism-inspired, the brand’s strategy to women’s apparel is unique. Check out their hand-distressed denim for looks that aren’t like anyone else’s.

It doesn’t matter if you arrive here not knowing what you want; they’ll style you and have you leaving feeling well-pleased and grateful. It’s not just the clothing that’s great, but the customer service is excellent.

It is a rare gem for Japanese clothing, and you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit. It’s one of the best Japanese clothing stores in NYC.


11. Kaede Kimonos

  • Price Point: $
  • Location: 224 W 35th St Suite 1406, 14th Flr, New York, NY 10001
  • Contact: (347) 450-5692

japanese clothing store nyc

It’s a tiny boutique with unique offerings and a personalized experience. They’re a New York City-based kimono design firm. In addition to selling and renting kimonos, they also provide photoshoots and kimono styling services.

We also conduct Japanese-themed events and classes on wearing a kimono properly. Established in 2012 as Kaede NYC, Kaede Kimonos LLC blossomed into a full-fledged company in 2014.

Both classic and contemporary kimono styles are on the table. Cultural pride can be a tremendous motivator for change, according to their belief. It would help if you took pride not only in your own culture but also in the world’s diversity.


The Bottom Line

It’s not easy to come across Japanese stores in New York where numerous fashion houses coexist.

We were happy to find these rare gems for you and hope that you’ll have a fantastic time shopping whether you’re looking for a minimalist, high-end, or in-between fashion.

japanese clothes store nyc

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