11 Best Methods to Pack Clothes So They Don’t Wrinkle

Traveling from your place to another to attend a business meeting or an important gathering is exciting.

While your trip and lodging are all crucial, you’ll also want to make sure you’re looking your best when you arrive. Fortunately, here are the 11 best methods to pack clothes so they don’t wrinkle.


how to pack clothes so they don't wrinkle

The rolling method works best for more casual garments like jeans, casual pants, workout clothes, and T-shirts.

You can use this technique on socks and undergarments and position them in corners or spaces that you need to fill.

The first step is to roll your garments equally lengthwise after folding them into even rectangles. Make the rolls as tight, even, and devoid of lumps as possible.

Afterward, you can stack the rolls in your bag side-by-side. You will not only prevent wrinkles but also save space and expand the number of garments that can fit in your luggage.

To roll a pair of jeans and other types of pants, bring one leg on top of the other. Begin at the ankles and work your way up to the waist in a tight roll.

For tops, you should start by folding the arms back to form a long rectangle, then fold the garment in half and roll it up from the bottom.


Bundle Wrapping

how to pack without wrinkles

Bundle wrapping is the most effective way to avoid wrinkles in packing clothes. However, it’s not as effective in tiny cramped luggage.

The key to bundling is the order in which you stack your garments before bundling; it’s a combination of strategic folding and wrapping.

The goal behind the bundle-wrapping method is to wrap all your clothes together to prevent wrinkles. Place wrinkly garments on the outside and wrinkle-resistant ones on the inside, allowing you to end up with a bundle.

You’ll need to lay your whole wardrobe in front of you so that you can sort it by type for this strategy to work.

Begin by gathering the most wrinkle-prone items in your luggage, such as jackets, dresses, and pants. Place the garment that will be the bundle’s outer layer face down in your suitcase and the other garments on top.

Work on the next layer, including blouses and shirts. For button-ups, secure the fronts and make the collars parallel to the case’s hinge side. To avoid wrinkling, smoothen down the garment as you lay each down.

The final step is critical to ensuring that your clothes look the same as they did on the hanger. Make a core of wrinkle-resistant garments such as swimsuits, underwear, and socks wrapped around the least wrinkle-resistant ones on the exterior.

Use the sleeves and pant legs to wrap the bundle together. Zip up your bag after making sure everything is taut and secure.



how to pack clothes so they don t wrinkle

Overlapping is comparable to bundle wrapping though it’s simpler and less efficient.

The idea is to place wrinkle-prone items in your suitcase. Layer wrinkle-resistant garments on top to make a cushion, then fold other delicate clothes on top.

Your clothes will not wrinkle in the midsection, but they will not be as smooth if you wrap them in bundles.


Adding Tissue Paper

If you don’t mind giving up some space because you don’t really like wrinkles, adding tissue paper between each garment can give you some relief. Adding tissue paper lessens the friction that produces wrinkles.

Fold your garments the traditional way and place tissue paper between each fold. Before folding long shirts and coats, place a sheet of tissue paper within the sleeves. Then, stuff your luggage with tissue paper and between each layer of garments.

It’s also great to place a piece of cardboard inside folded shirts – just like you’d find in a store.


Packing Wrinkle-resistant Garments

how to keep clothes from wrinkling in suitcase

If you don’t have to bring specific clothing, choose wrinkle-resistant materials like polyester, nylon, and lycra. Knits, cashmere, and wool are other great options.

For ladies who need to dress up in skirts, bring jersey skirts as they always look good, even when not folded properly.

Also, take into account the temperature and weather of your final destination.

Spandex or polyester are more lightweight and comfier to wear if you’re heading to a warmer climate. Warmer textiles, such as cashmere or knits, will keep you warm if you’re traveling to a colder region.

If you’re not sure what kind of fabric you have, check the manufacturer’s tag on the garment or crush a little piece of the garment in your hand for around 10 seconds and see if it wrinkles.


Packing Light

how to fold clothes so they don t wrinkle

Allow your garments to breathe by only taking what you need. In addition to wrinkles and creases, overpacking can cause clothing to smell if it sits inside a suitcase for long periods.

Also, keep your stuff from moving around. As long as the clothes cannot bounce around in the bag, they will stay in good form. So, pack enough garments so there will be no empty areas in the suitcase where your items can shift around during the trip.

Moreover, make sure to distribute the weight because heavy articles over your garments cause wrinkles. Don’t forget to keep your accessories, toiletries, and other stuff away from your clothing to avoid putting pressure on your garments.

Furthermore, consider how your baggage will be transported. Place your heavier stuff towards the bottom of your luggage, so they can’t press other items during the trip.


Using Plastic Wraps

how to pack t-shirts wrinkle free

Friction causes wrinkling, whereas plastic eliminates it. You can reduce wrinkling to a minimum and keep your clothes looking fresh by packing your apparel in dry-cleaner bags.

Plastic dry-cleaner bags produce a tiny layer of air cushion around garments, preventing them from rubbing against each other.

Place one garment only per dry-cleaner bag. Pack hanging shirts in their plastic bags, and do just the same with any other hanging garments, such as slacks, coats, and skirts, to ensure that each garment has its sheet of plastic and air.

Moreover, stuff your garments with tissue paper before putting them inside the bag to keep them looking fresh and prevent them from flattening during transit.

Also, put socks and undergarments in see-through laundry bags that you can buy from the drugstore. This will help keep small items to avoid getting odd markings from stuff stuck into your garments.


Bringing Packing Folders

A little-known trick for packing garments without creases is to use packing folders. A packing folder can keep your delicate blouses, dresses, and slacks from becoming a wrinkled mess no matter where you’re going.

If you’re going on a business trip, they’re especially beneficial for button-up shirts.

You can accommodate 8 to 12 pieces of clothing in an 18-inch packing folder. For undergarments and other items that don’t wrinkle readily, you can try packing cubes.

Everything is kept hidden and neatly packed thanks to the briefcase-like shape. Packing folders include a folding board and images, so you’ll know what you’ve placed inside. The board also shows you how to fold your shirts to maintain them crease-free.

After you’ve folded all the shirts, place them over your layer of pants and dresses. You may then close the packing folder and go!


Using Garment Bags

Garment bags let you pack your clothes on hangers and fold them once. You avoid wrinkles and creases since you only fold once and keep everything firmly zipped inside the bag.

It’s also simpler to unpack! It’s easy to hang everything in the hotel room because your garments are already on hangers. It will also be faster to steam or iron anything that is wrinkled.

If you’re taking a plane, garment bags are challenging to fit in carry-on luggage.

If you’re driving, secure the garment bag inside your car, so it doesn’t drop to the floor while traveling.


Using Wardrobe Boxes

how to pack shirts without wrinkles

Wardrobe boxes keep clothes wrinkle-free and in good shape during a relocation while also protecting them from dust, grime, and damage. Furthermore, it just takes a few minutes to put these boxes together.

Wardrobe boxes allow you to transfer your clothes on their hangers directly from the closet because they’re high enough with a hanging rack.

However, these boxes are pricey and occupy a lot of room.


Using Packing Cubes

Clothes, when packed correctly, do not wrinkle in packing cubes because everything is tightly packed.

Always pack your garments in the appropriate packing cube. This is all dependent on how many items of clothing you are bringing with you on your trip.

If you pick a packing cube that is too large, your garments will move about and wrinkle. If you go for a packing cube that is too tiny, overstuffing will result in wrinkling.

For t-shirts, socks, and bathing suits, use a small cube and a compression cube for pants, sweaters, and other bulky items. You can also use a packing cube for intimates.



It’s a real pain to unpack nothing but wrinkled clothing during trips, especially if you’re going to a formal event.

Thankfully, you’re now aware of the 11 best methods to pack clothes so they don’t wrinkle. Regardless of where you go on your travels, you’ll be sure to look your best.

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