7 Ways To Get Grass Stains Out Of Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Getting grass stains on your clothes after a long day of practice of your athletic child in the field or your playtime in the park with your pet is inevitable. But do not worry, it is easy to learn how to get grass stains out of clothes, but it can be pretty challenging.

What is a Grass Stain?

how to remove grass stains from jeans

Grass stains are dye stains that come from the chlorophyll secreted from the grass, making them very challenging to remove off your clothes. However, getting rid of fresh grass stains is much easier to remove than the one that has stayed for quite a while.

7 Ways to Remove Grass Stains From Clothes

Although removing grass stains can be challenging, it is not impossible to do as long as you have the accurate cleaning solution and the eagerness to do so. There are various home remedy ingredients that you can try to help you get the grass stains out of clothes.

1. Remove grass stain off of clothes using White Vinegar

how to get grass stains out of pants

Vinegar is not only used for cooking, but it is also famous for being a household remedy. Its properties can remove grass stains out of the clothing, especially if you do not have available stain remover detergent at your home.

The steps are pretty easy to follow.

  • Create a solution by mixing vinegar with at least a cup of water.
  • Make use of a soft-bristled toothbrush and wet it with the vinegar solution you have just created.
  • Gently rub or dab the affected area to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • After dabbing and you no longer see evidence of grass stain, you may finish the process by throwing your clothing into the washing machine and letting it spin with a regular cycle or handwashing it, then letting it dry.


2. Remove grass stain off of clothes using Hydrogen Peroxide

grass stain removal

Another effective way to get the grass stain out of your clothing is to use hydrogen peroxide, which works like Bleach. Therefore, you must take note of when to use this method. Using Hydrogen Peroxide is only recommended to treat your stained white clothing to avoid any discoloration from occurring.

There are two approaches to using Hydrogen Peroxide. One is by creating a paste by mixing it with dish soap. The second is by applying baking soda onto the affected area and pouring a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.

  • For the first approach, you can create a solution by mixing dish soap and an ample amount of hydrogen peroxide. Spread the solution onto the stained area and leave it to rest for at least half an hour before rubbing until the stain ultimately gets off.
  • The second approach is by creating a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste to apply onto the stained area and let it stay for quite some time. And when the stained area is completely soaked, you can now rub it gently to remove any remnants.

Regardless of which approach you prefer, the process is typically the same. And to finish it off, you will have to rinse the clothes well prior to throwing them into the washing machine.

This is simply because any hydrogen peroxide residue may cause discoloration or fade of the other clothing unless you wash the stained clothing separately. After washing the clothes, hang them and leave them to dry.


3. Remove grass stain off of clothes using Enzyme Detergent

how to get grass stains out

Enzyme detergent, commonly known as a laundry detergent, is also an efficient removal of grass stains.

Pre-treat the stained clothing by putting a generous amount of enzyme detergent onto the affected area. Dab or rub it gently to help lift or ease the stain.

Wash the clothing in a regular spin once there are no traces of grass stains visible. After washing, you may opt to spin it in a tumble dryer or let it air dry by line drying.


4. Remove grass stain off of clothes using Bleach

grass stains

Doing the bleach method should be your last resort as not all fabrics are the same. Some have dyes that are susceptible to fading and discoloration when bleached.

Ensure that you always check the garment label instruction before applying Bleach onto the clothing. And avoid soaking it for no more than 5 minutes.

The properties of the Bleach will help in removing the grass stain and dirt out of the clothing. To finish the process, launder the stained clothing in the washing machine and let it spin in a regular cycle. Hang and let it dry.


5. Remove grass stain off of clothes using Baking Soda, Vinegar, and a Dish Soap

how to get grass stains out of jeans

When you leave the grass stain on your clothing for quite a while, it can leave a permanent mark if you do not act immediately. One of the famous household remedies that you can opt to do is the baking soda method.

Baking soda is made out of sodium bicarbonate and has always been an effective stain remover regardless of the fabric type. It reacts to any organic stains making them vanish.

  • Create a paste by mixing one and a half tablespoons of water with an ample amount of baking soda, spread it out onto the stained area, and rest for a while.
  • In the meantime, pour a cup of water and vinegar into a medium-sized bowl. And add a little dish soap and mix them well to create a DIY homemade stain remover solution.
  • Either use a toothbrush or any soft-bristled brush to rub the grass stain until it is completely removed.
  • Finish off the process by washing the clothing either by washing machine or hand wash, then leave it until it completely dries.

Watch the quick tutorial on how to remove grass stain from clothing through the link below


6. Remove grass stain off of clothes using Rubbing Alcohol

how to get grass stains out of sweatpants

If you are out and you still have a long day to go, there is a temporary solution to getting rid of the trouble with some grass stain. Rubbing alcohol can also be an efficient grass stain remover because of its solvent properties and can help take off the green pigmentation caused by the grass.

Apply a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol on a clean sponge or a cotton ball, then pat the stained area. You may continue the process for quite a while until you finally get the result where there are no more visible grass stains.

Make sure that you always check and consider the care label of the garment. When using rubbing alcohol, avoid scrubbing and wiping as it will only worsen by spreading out any dirt throughout the entire clothing, which makes it more challenging to get rid of.


7. Remove grass stain off of clothes using Hair Spray

how to get grass stains out of white pants

Hair Spray also works well with treating grass stains, just as how rubbing alcohol does. Most hair products such as Hairspray also consist of alcohol.

You can use this method only if you are in a rush as the results are not as good as the other methods, and it also causes mild discoloration.

Splatter the Hair Sprayonto the affected area and let it soak until it dries a little. Once dried, dab the area using a cotton ball or rub gently using a toothbrush to scrape away the stain.

Finish the process by washing the clothing.

5 Stain Removal Tips to Keep in Mind

how do you get grass stains out of clothes

Removing grass stains out of your clothes is tedious yet possible. There are things that you have to keep in mind when dealing with this stain.

Time is crucial

When dealing with grass stains, it is essential that you address the concern as soon as possible. The longer you let it stay untreated, the longer it will be more challenging to remove. And sometimes, it is almost impossible to remove when left untouched.

In case you do not have an available home remedy product, you can rinse it in the meantime to avoid setting the stain. It is always better to do something than nothing at all. You can thoroughly clean it once the situation allows you to.

Check the fabric label instruction

how to get out grass stains

Again, not all fabrics have the same characteristics. Therefore, always make sure to check the fabric label instructions to avoid further damage to your clothing. Make sure that you follow the instructions very well.

Learn more about the fabric care label instructions through this video

Spot test on a small area

Always do spot tests on a small area or the inside of your clothing when dealing with a solution, most especially if it may cause discoloration or fading of your clothing.

Rub gently

When dealing with a grass stain on your clothes, make sure that you either dab or rub gently to avoid spreading the stain all around the fabric. Rubbing without pressure will also prevent further damage to the fabric material.

Use cold water to rinse

Use cold water to rinse the clothing instead of hot water as it may only fix the stain further onto your clothing. The same goes when drying your fabric. As much as possible, it is recommended that you let it hang and dry naturally.

Although throwing it in the tumble dryer is still possible as long as you are hundred percent sure that you have completely removed the stain.


how to remove grass stains

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