How To Fix A Hole In Clothes Without Sewing?

What comes to your mind when you want to fix a hole in your clothes? Sew the hole, right? Of course, you can, but sewing isn’t the only way to repair your clothes.

There are countless other methods, such as patching the hole or using garment tape, and they are easy techniques you’ll enjoy doing.

Use A Fusible Bonding Web To Fix The Hole In Your Clothes

how to fix a hole in a shirt without sewing

One of the most common no-sew methods for fixing holes in clothes is using a fusible bonding web. As the name implies, this web is made from a fiber that melts when in contact with heat and joins two fabrics together.

It has different weights: lightweight, heavyweight, ultra-lightweight, etc., and types such as the non-woven type, the woven type, etc.

Usually, the non-woven type is used for repairing clothes, while the weight you use depends on the fabrics you’re fusing. For example, if the fabric is lightweight, the lightweight fusible bonding web is the most suitable option.

To use this option, you need parchment paper, some strips of fusible web, a table or an ironing board, a lightweight stabilizer, a hot iron (set to wool preferably), and a piece of thin cloth. Here’s a guide:

  • On your table or ironing board, lay the parchment paper and place the piece of cloth that needs to be fixed on it inside out. Ensure the hole is visible.
  • Cut a strip of web bigger than the hole, squeeze the hole, and fix the sticky side of the fusible web to the squeezed hole.
  • Cut some strips of lightweight stabilizer slightly bigger than the hole and fix it on the fusible web.
  • Next, place the thin clothing on the hole and use a hot iron to press it down for about 20 seconds. You can spritz some water on the hole before using the iron for better results.
  • Don’t leave the iron on the hole for too long so as not to burn your clothes. Once 20 seconds are over, remove the iron.
  • Turn your fabric to the right side and check if the hole is still there. If it is, you probably didn’t fix the fusible web and lightweight stabilizer well, so you have to repeat the process.
  • If it isn’t, your job is almost done. Close up the hole very well on the outside using your fingers and iron the spot for some seconds.
  • If you fused the wrong pieces or sides, cut them and repeat the whole process. Even though a fusible web makes your clothes stiffer, it’s durable and washable.

You Don’t Need To Sew; You Can Patch The Hole In Your Clothes!

how to fix a hole in a sweater without sewing

Patching is another no-sewing method you can use to fix the hole in your clothes.

You need a patch fabric which you can get from old clothes, a pair of scissors, fabric glue or fusible bonding web, and hot iron(if you’re using a fusible web). Below is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

  • First, you need a piece of cloth that can cover the hole. Use the scissors to cut out the patch fabric in a circular shape. If you want the patch fabric to blend with the clothing item that needs repair, ensure both are similar in color and weight. If not, you can get something different so that the clothing item stands out.
  • Ensure the patch fabric is bigger than the hole you want to mend. First, measure the hole before you cut out the fabric. You don’t want any part of the hole showing even after you’ve patched a piece of cloth on it. For good work, get two pieces of patched fabric for both the outer and inner parts.
  • You can use a fusible web or fabric glue to fix the cut-out fabric to the clothing item in question. Both are washable and durable. Apply fabric glue to the sides of the patch fabrics and fix to the hole, both inside and outside. Trim the sides of the patch to fit perfectly into the hole.
  • Fusible web is lightweight and easily bonds with clothing items. It has two sides: the paper side and the sticky side. To use it, cut some strips. Your patch fabric should be placed on the hole already. Press the sticky side of the fusible web to the patch and iron it. Once it sets, remove the paper from the web. Do this for both sides of the hole.
  • Whether using fabric glue or fusible web, ensure that the patch is firmly fixed to the hole. If it isn’t, the patchwork won’t last, and you’d have to repeat the whole process.

Patching isn’t only for fixing holes in clothes; you can use it to make your clothes look more fashionable or to achieve a certain style.

Here’s Another No-sew Method For Fixing Holes In Your Clothes

how to fix a hole in leggings without sewing

Asides using a fusible bonding web or patching, you can use garment or hemming tape to fix the holes in your clothes. You can easily get these tapes from big clothing stores if they don’t come with your clothes. If you’re using garment tape, here’s how to go about it.

  • Buy the garment tape with the exact texture and hue of the color of your clothes.
  • Cut a strip and fix the hole. Since the tape has the same color as the cloth, it won’t be that obvious.  However, the garment tape can only last long only if it’s in a part of the fabric that experiences no motion, such as the bottom of your clothes.

Asides a garment tape, you can also use hemming tape. Hemming tapes can either be heat-activated or not. You should go for the heat-activated one to make the repair easier.

Just like the fusible bonding web, a hemming tape comes in different types: thick and thin.

The kind you use depends on the quality of the fabric. For instance, a thin hemming tape can only work for thin materials such as rayon, cotton, etc., while the thick one is best suited to thick fabrics like denim, wool, suede, etc.

Once you’ve got the right tape, all you need is press it to the fabric with a hot iron. You don’t need to stitch anything. Follow these steps :

  • Buy a hemming tape similar to your fabric, or else that spot will stand out, and it might spoil the outlook of the clothes.
  • Cut a strip and place it on the hole. Ensure the strip overlaps the fabric.
  • Turn on your iron and let it heat up for about 3 – 5 minutes. You need a hot iron because the tape is heat-activated.
  • Once the iron is hot, place it on the tape and press for some seconds. However, don’t let it stay long on the hole not to melt the tape.
  • After, let the fabric cool for some minutes before wearing it.

Why You Should Repair Your Clothes Using No-sew Methods And Things To Note When Doing So

how to fix holes in clothes without sewing

Sewing is the most popular repair method for clothes. A few strokes of the sewing machine or a threaded needle here and there, and you’re good to go.

However, it’s not every time sewing suits the repair your clothes need. For example, stitching a hole in the front of a shirt might not be the best option because there’ll be traces of an adjustment on that spot, which might taint the shirt’s outlook.

It’s only in rare cases where the stitching is creatively done, such as using embroidery designs, etc., that the repaired clothes can maintain their appearance perfectly.

Also, no-sew methods are perfect for people who don’t have sewing equipment or want to try something new. Instead of borrowing a machine or needle and thread, you can get a patch fabric and fabric glue to fix the hole in your clothes.

That said, are you likely to encounter any challenges when using no-sew methods to repair your clothes? Yes. Even though the methods are quite simple, here are some things to note for a non-stressful process :

  • Use the sticky side of the fusible bonding web. If you use the paper side, it won’t fuse the fabrics, and you’ll be wasting your efforts. You can identify the adhesive side of the web by its specks of glue.
  • Ensure the iron is hot whether you’re using heat-activated hemming tape or a fusible bonding web. Otherwise, neither will work as they can only be activated by intense heat.
  • Sometimes, the fusible web may not work for your clothes. This is because its type isn’t suitable for the fabric type. For instance, a lightweight web can’t properly fuse two heavyweight fabrics.
  • Furthermore, not all fabrics can be used with a fusible web. Since it needs high heat to be activated, you can’t put it on clothes that aren’t heat-resistant such as nylon. Placing hot iron on such clothes for seconds would burn them. As such, use other options like patching with fabric glue.
  • You can get patch fabrics from your old shirts, jeans, gowns, etc. You don’t need to buy a new cloth or rip a good one apart.


With no-sew methods, you can quickly fix the holes in your disintegrated clothes with no hassle. All you need is to use the right method for each piece of cloth.

For example, non-heat-resistant clothes can’t do well with heat-activated hemming tape. In the same vein, a garment tape with a different color from the repaired fabric won’t make your job look neat.

The repair materials and the damaged clothes should complement each other if you want a good result.

how to fix a hole in clothes without sewing

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