17 Best Clothing Stores in Helena, MT [2023 Updated]

What is life without fashion, right? It’s simply bland and not fun at all. This is why fashion is still very much alive wherever you may go. Wherever you are around the globe, the call for fashion is always alive. If you happen to be in Helena, MT, then here are the 17 best clothing stores in Helena, MT.

Best Clothing Stores in Helena

1. Cobblestone Clothing Co.

  • Address: 337 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-449-8684
  • Price: $$


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Cobblestone Clothing Co. aims to provide the trendiest and the most in-demand items throughout the different seasons. They aim to give their best in providing contemporary fashion with a comfortable home in their store.

It’s always a fun experience shopping at Cobblestone Clothing Co. They have a wide selection of cute and trendy stuff, plus more cool items keep coming in, keeping the store always up-to-date with your fashion necessities.

If you prefer shopping online, they also have an online shop and provide deliveries to your home. Their online presence is also prominent so you won’t have trouble shopping online.


2. Ross Dress For Less

  • Address: 3205 N Montana Ave, Helena, MT 59602, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-443-4515
  • Price: $

Ross Dress For Less

Ross Dress For Less aims to provide different products from the best brands. They cater to a broad spectrum of fashion needs, including the latest fashions. So, whether it is for family or your home, they have a lot in store for you.

Their products are at 20% to 60% off department store prices. So, if you want to shop smart and buy quality things for reasonable prices, you might want to visit Ross Dress For Less. Their place is always packed with products you might want to check out. Their shop is also clean, and their staff is helpful.


3. Sole Sisters

  • Address: 327 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-449-4221
  • Price: $$ to $$$

Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters provide a wide selection for women, including shoes, clothing, bags, skincare, and jewelry. They have been around for more than 20 years and continue bringing the best fashion items into their store for customers to enjoy and purchase.

The store has a perfect ambiance making the shopping experience even more pleasant. Their staff is also accommodating and will assist you if you have any concerns or when you are having a hard time finding something. Their online presence is good too. You can reach them via their site or online at your convenience.


4. Maurices

  • Address: 2023 Cromwell Dixon Ln, Helena, MT 59602, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-442-0760
  • Price: $$


Maurices provides a good amount of selection for women of all sizes. They also offer a wide selection of footwear and accessories. Maurices does its best to continuously inspire the women in Helena, MT, to look and feel their best.

They offer a wide range of fashion item selections, but their products are also at reasonable prices. In addition, they make sure that their shop is consistently clean and that their staff do their best work and have a positive attitude toward their job. You can also buy online if you prefer not to go shopping.


5. fourOsix

  • Address: 320 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-443-4642
  • Price: $$


fourOsix is a Montana clothing & lifestyle shop that promotes art, music, and creativity. They also promote Montana living by providing their customers with unique and creative designs inspired by our surroundings.

If you like fashion items that are filled with inspiration and creativity, then you might want to visit fourOsix. They have a variety of stuff in store for you. They even have stickers and a unisex section. Their products are not only stylish but also of good quality, so you know they would be durable and last a long time with proper care.


6. 12 Tribes Boutique

  • Address: 795 Front St, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-529-2534
  • Price: $

12 Tribes Boutique

12 Tribes Boutique is a store dedicated to providing stylish, cool, casual clothing for versatile women. They believe that there are no bad bodies, just bad clothes! This being said, they are set out to offer just the best to their customers.

Their store offers a variety of classic and cute styles. Their clothing items are also available in regular sizes to cater to a larger spectrum or population of women. So whether you are looking for a casual, formal, or party look, you might want to try 12 Tribe Boutique. Their items are stylish yet accessible, with boho western flair.


7. FUNKY TRUNK New Liberated Consigned

  • Address: 430 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-422-4210
  • Price: $

FUNKY TRUNK New Liberated Consigned

FUNKY TRUNK New Liberated Consigned is an eclectic and traditional clothing consignment store. They focus on adult clothing that’s one of a kind, things you can’t find just anywhere. Their products are proven to be high quality and available in all shapes and sizes.

One of the primary purposes of the shop is to provide something nice suitable for everyone that walks through the door. Funky Trunk New Liberated Consigned also has a variety of fashion goods, including jewelry, accessories, and an amazing sticker collection. They make sure to have a welcoming, accepting, and celebratory environment for people from all walks of life.


8. T.J. Maxx

  • Address: 2005 Cromwell Dixon Ln, Helena, MT 59602, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-442-6185
  • Price: $

T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx is a retail chain that offers a variety of stylish brand-name apparel. The list includes shoes, accessories, clothes, and housewares too. They have been founded and provided good quality items to their customers for quite a long time now. T.J. Maxx continues to provide the best and is continually striving for improvement.

As you walk inside their store, you will appreciate the organization and arrangement. The ambiance is excellent and friendly, allowing you to have a good shopping experience. It’s safe to say that T.J. Maxx is a well-managed store indeed.


9. Stacks Clothing Co.

  • Address: 7 W Main St, East Helena, MT 59635, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-502-1686
  • Price: $$

Stacks Clothing Co.

Stacks Clothing Co aims to bring their customers fun, unique, fashionable, and the latest trendy items. They focus on providing fashion items that help their customers look and feel good about their wear.

In addition, their shop is sure to provide their shoppers comfort so that you will feel comfortable while shopping. Stacks Clothing Co’s customer service is also spot on, so you won’t have any difficulty during your shopping. The selection is wide and varied. Whether you are looking for something for kids, teens, or adults, they have many in-store for you.


10. Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors

  • Address: 3323 Dredge Dr, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-443-2138
  • Price: $$ to $$$

Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors

Being the most significant and oldest sporting goods retailer in Montana, Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors aims to help its shoppers have a great experience in sports. They do not only sell sportswear and equipment; they go for casual clothing items, too, all of the excellent quality.

This means you can only expect the best when shopping with them. If you like hiking, trekking, or just casually running around the block, you may find pieces of fashion items here that you might like. They make sure their staff is well-versed in the goals of the shop.


11. Capital Sports

  • Address: 1092 Helena Ave, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-443-2978
  • Price: $$

Capital Sports

If you are looking for some quality sports equipment and sports clothing and accessories, you might want to visit Capital Sports. They have a lot in store for you, and their staff is knowledgeable about their job, which is helpful for customers to get just what they came for.

Whatever sport you may be interested in, Capital Sports have something to offer you. Whether you are looking for an item for hiking, fishing, hunting, rafting, skiing, camping, and other activities that involves the outdoor, Capital Sports is ready to accommodate your needs and requests.


12. Golden Girls Antiques Mall

  • Address: 505 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-443-3893
  • Price: $$

Golden Girls Antiques Mall

If you are more into the vintage side of fashion and accessories, you will love visiting Golden Girls Antiques Mall. Perhaps you are familiar with Golden Girls, and you have a bit of nostalgia upon hearing the Mall name.

This store is all about interesting antique and vintage stuff. This store holds over 10,000 square feet of antiques living up to the store’s name, indeed! They are in partnership with over fifty antique dealers, too, so you are sure to get legit products. If you are looking for vintage clothes, jewelry, glassware, antiques, and other antiques, you will have fun shopping here.


13. Bargain Basement Thrift & Consignment Shop

  • Address: 118 W Placer Ave, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-442-5175
  • Price: $

Bargain Basement Thrift & Consignment Shop

This store is all about providing inexpensive items that you may like. The store is clean and organized so you won’t have any trouble choosing. However, you may require a little effort to find something you want because the price is low, and you might just be hoarding.

This shop is a great place to unwind and look for random fashion items that might go well with your other existing clothes inside the closet. Their staff is friendly and helpful so you won’t have to worry much if you encounter some issues while shopping.


14. Linda’s Bridal Images & Mr. Tux

  • Address: 400 Euclid Ave, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-442-4982
  • Price: $$$

Linda’s Bridal Images & Mr. Tux

Intending to give brides the confidence and embellishment they deserve, Linda’s Bridal Images & Mr. Tux is continually improving their service and providing top-notch products and customer service to their customers.

They have a wide selection of dresses and formal attires to choose from. The shop looks good, and the ambiance is remarkably classy and comfortable at the same time, giving the shoppers a great dress-shopping experience. In addition, the staff and the entirety of the shop make the shopping even more fun, allowing shoppers to take their time in a way that does not feel uncomfortable.


15. Poppyseed Boutique

  • Address: 7534 Roughsawn Dr, Helena, MT 59602, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-422-5680
  • Price: $$

Poppyseed Boutique

Poppyseed Boutique has a lot in store for its customers. They have a wide selection of underwear, clothes, pants, cardigans, tees, accessories, and even beauty products that are trendy and helpful in taking care of your face and body.

All in all, there is just so much that you can choose from. When you enter the store, you can already tell that you won’t be able to get out without having to buy anything. Everything inside screams cuteness that’s hard to resist. Their customer service is also good and is reviewed as helpful buy regulars and first-time shoppers.


16. Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

  • Address: 3050 N Montana Ave, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-457-1700
  • Price: $$

Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply

Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply is a store that has almost everything you might need to live in the States. They sell many things, including animal feed, tack, hardware, fencing & garden gear, and tools.

Murdoch’s Ranch does not only sell instruments and fees; they also have clothing & shoes. Their staff is also helpful, and the items inside their store are nothing short of fascinating, so it’s always fun to shop here. The shop has a team everywhere to cater to every customer with inquiries. Their selection is reviewed comprehensive and excellent, providing shoppers’ needs and interests.


17. Eureka

  • Address: 38 S Last Chance Gulch St Suite 102, Helena, MT 59601, United States
  • Phone: +1 406-437-1859
  • Price: $$


When you get inside the store, you might want to squeal because of the cuteness. This store is a lovely place to shop, providing a wide selection of products, including jewelry, shirts, sweaters, home decors, purses, toys, bath essentials, and many more.

Once you visit Eureka, there are just a plethora of choices that it would be hard to leave without a single purchase. Their staff is also very friendly, making it feel very comfortable while shopping.



The following 17 Best Clothing Stores in Helena, MT, will surely be helpful in your search for fashion items that fit your style. Shopping is fun, but it’s also a good way of destressing. So if you need a relaxing shopping session in Helena, MT, you can try and check these stores out.

Clothing Stores in Helena

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