5 Ways To Get Deodorant Out Of Clothes

Wearing deodorant is necessary for most people, especially during the summer months. It is very useful for preventing unpleasant odor, but it can come with stains that may be difficult to remove, whether your clothes are colorful or plain black or white. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of deodorant stains and, more importantly, how to prevent them from happening in the future.

Test The Product Before Using

Test The Product Before Using

Before you continue reading about the different methods to remove deodorant stains, there is one important step that you should do before you carry on with one of the options listed below. Since every piece of clothing is different, there is no guarantee that one or more of these methods will not damage the garment you are trying to clean.

Here is what you need to do before you move on with the whole process of removing the stain from your clothes.

  • Choose one of the options according to products that you have at your home or that you can get your hands on quickly (the faster you act the better the results will be).
  • Find an area of a garment you are treating that is not visible when you are wearing it – it can be a part around a neck when the piece of clothing is turned inside out, for example.
  • Apply the chosen product to the small piece of the garment. Do everything that is described in the process of treating a stain – if the instructions say to leave it for an hour, wait that amount of time, etc.
  • When the garment is treated, washed, and dried, look for any changes in the color, structure, or fabric of the clothing.
  • If there are no changes, feel free to use the product on the deodorant stain. If the fabric is damaged or discolored, it means that the same will happen to the stained area as well. In that case, choose another method instead, and make sure to test it too.

While it can be boring to wait while the fabric is tested, it is best to avoid any disappointment that can come with the damaged clothing.

How To Get Rid Of Deodorant Stains?

If you are reading this article, you probably already have some clothes stained by deodorant. Let’s talk first about how to remove them, and if you are looking for information on how to prevent them, skip to the second part of the article.


Use detergent to remove Deodorant Stains

The first thing that you should try is just to use laundry detergent. In case the stains are fresh and new, simple detergent or soap should do the trick.

Put a few drops of laundry detergent on the stain and dab with your fingers. You should make sure that the part of clothing stained by deodorant is thoroughly soaked with the detergent. You can add a few drops of water to help you with this.

When you have done this, let it absorb the detergent completely for around half an hour. After this time has passed, wash like you normally would – either by hand or in the washing machine. The process is the same if you use laundry soap.

You can also soak the whole stained garment – put two liters of water in a container and add laundry detergent – the quantity will depend on the specific brand, but you can find the instructions on the bottle. Soak the garment in the mixture for around an hour and then rinse it thoroughly.

When the garment has dried, the stains will probably be gone. If they are still noticeable, you can either repeat the process or try some of the other options.

White Vinegar

Use white vinegar to remove Deodorant Stains

White vinegar is one of the ingredients almost every home has that just does magic with most of the stains that can affect your clothes. What’s even better, it’s safe to use with both colored and white clothes, as it doesn’t have a bleaching effect.

The process is quite simple too! First, you need to mix a tablespoon of vinegar with a tablespoon of water. It’s safer to dilute the vinegar with water, but if you tested pure white vinegar on a hidden piece of clothing first and there were no changes to the fabric – you don’t have to dilute it.

Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the stain a few times until it is wet. Leave it to work for around half an hour before washing the piece of clothing you are treating.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Use hydrogen peroxide to remove Deodorant Stains

This is another common household item that is suitable to use for deodorant stains. It is the only thing you need for this method. Spray hydrogen on the stain a few times and leave it on the area for around 45 minutes to allow it to soak. Wash the piece of clothing and let it dry.

Baking Soda

Use baking soda to remove Deodorant Stains

Finally, the leading household product in getting the stains out – baking soda. It is such a powerful tool for stains in general, including the ones from deodorant. First, you need to make a mixture of baking soda and water.

Two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water will do the trick. Feel free to use more if the stains are larger. Apply the paste to the stained area using a spoon or a q-tip.

Dab with your fingers until the paste is absorbed and leave it to soak for around an hour. When it has dried out, remove the paste and wash the garment. There won’t be any stains left when it dries out properly!

Stain Remover

Use stain remover to remove Deodorant Stains

If using natural ingredients doesn’t remove the deodorant stains from your clothes, you can always use some stain removers. When doing so, you should be careful what clothes you put on. Some of them are too aggressive for gentle fabrics, and some of them are made specifically for colored, white, or black clothes.

Always read the instructions on the bottle and use them accordingly. Stain removers are usually powerful enough to remove any type of stains, including the ones caused by deodorant.

How To Prevent Deodorant Stains

Medicine says that prevention is the best medicine, but this adage applies to the stains just as well. If you’ve never had your clothes stained, lucky you, keep doing what you are doing! If you went through the annoyance of having to remove a deodorant stain from your favorite piece of clothing, keep reading to find out how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Put Deodorant On Before Getting Dressed

This is the simplest and the safest option to avoid deodorant stains on your clothes. Whether you are planning to wear a T-shirt, blouse, sweater, or a dress, do not spray deodorant after you have gotten dressed. Instead, put the deodorant on, wait for it to dry out completely, and only then put your clothes on.

The same goes for stick deodorants. They are not as likely to cause stains as spray ones, but they can still mess up your shirts.

Use Natural Deodorants

Chemicals from deodorants are usually the ones causing stains and discoloration on clothes. Therefore, using natural deodorants can be helpful in preventing stains. Some people can’t find suitable natural deodorants because they are not as effective or they don’t smell as nice as the common ones do, but make sure to try out a few of them before you make a final decision.

Don’t Use Too Much Deodorant

Most deodorants don’t even cause stains if you don’t use too much of them. You should make sure to use just enough to keep you protected from sweating but not too much in order to avoid discoloration of your clothes. Using deodorant more than recommended is not good for your skin either.

Use Deodorants That Prevent Stains

If you are not a fan of deodorants made exclusively from natural ingredients, whether it’s because you don’t like the smell or they are not as effective, consider using deodorants that promise not to leave white marks.

These are usually just a bit more expensive than the regular ones, but they are worth it since you won’t have to worry about stains and getting them out anymore. In addition, roll-on deodorants usually leave fewer marks than those coming in spray bottles. If you are not sure which works better for you, make sure to try a few of the options out and decide for yourself.


If you noticed a deodorant stain on your clothes, don’t despair! It is fairly easy to remove it using either natural ingredients that you probably have in your home or with the help of some stronger stain removers.

Just make sure to test the product on an invisible piece of clothing, and when you apply it to the stain, it will be gone in no time. Luckily, deodorant stains are easy to prevent too, so make sure to dress only after you have put the deodorant on and to avoid using too much deodorant.

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