10 Winning Tips to Sell Clothes on Instagram

It takes some practice to figure out how to sell clothes on Instagram and which tactics will work best for your business. To avoid guesswork, keep reading to discover ten winning tips to sell clothes on Instagram.

You’ll soon be attracting new folks who may become your next loyal customers. Can you sell clothes on Instagram?

Sell Clothes on Instagram

Instagram is best known as a photo-sharing social media platform. More and more businesses use the platform to connect with potential customers, establish brand loyalty, and promote their products.

Fashion is already popular on Instagram, so if you wish to sell clothes on the platform, you’ll find a ready market.

Instagram can help you take your business to the next level even though you’re a new entrepreneur or a starting e-commerce site.

Top 10 Tips to Sell Clothes on Instagram

Set up an IG account specifically for your business

selling clothing on instagram

Create and build a separate account for your business. Using a business account will help you reach and understand your target audience and gain customers.

Since your Instagram business account is your potential customer’s first point of contact with your business, it’s critical to establish a good first impression.

A business setup can help persuade them to follow and distinguish you from other business brands. Include an on-brand profile photo, a well-crafted bio, and, if you’ve got one, a link to your shop in your IG business profile.

Place an Instagram bio to give a clear representation of your online business. It should clearly state what you can offer to your targeted audience.

Also, don’t forget to include the URL of your shop in your bio since it’s the only link allowed on your Instagram business page. Displaying your URL is a proven technique to drive traffic from your posts and other content.

You can find a great example of a well-crafted business profile of Hello Molly below.

Establish a consistent brand

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If you’re trying to sell garments on Instagram, it’s only natural that you stay in your chosen niche. It means that your images and other content will only revolve around the items you’re selling.

Staying on-brand will make you easily remembered by your audience. Don’t post a variety of stuff like what you do in your personal account.

You can turn prospective customers into committed followers by building a unique but consistent brand story. Your audience will see you as knowledgeable and reliable in what you do.

Write persuasive captions

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Always write a caption that relates to your audience. If you use a powerful image but craft a lame caption, your post may not perform well.

Write your captions in a way that they induce a specific emotion without being overly sentimental.

Your captions can also serve as action prompts. Yet, this does not imply that you must pitch a product in every post.

Look at how compelling the sample caption below is.

Present your items realistically

sell clothes on instagram

While filters bring about a certain level of trickery and manipulation with posts on Instagram, don’t go overboard. Don’t present your items in such a way that what your buyer ordered looks like just another piece of clothing when it arrives.

Your audience needs to know the specifics of your products, although images convey a big part of the story. Give details on the sizes, measurements, and any stains or tears in the clothing.

You’ll be ready to go as long as you publish relevant and correct information about your clothing on hand. Remember that your audience can’t try it on in an actual dressing room.

The bottom line is to use your Instagramming skills to make your outfits look as appealing as possible without being deceptive!

Take advantage of Instagram to make your photos appear great. Maximize its features to make your clothes look amazing and attract more customers.

Use hashtags to promote products

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Don’t overlook the value of hashtags, particularly in captions. They can help you get your business in front of millions of people around the globe.

However, you should avoid using too many hashtags in your posts. Overuse of hashtags will make your posts appear spammy and low-effort.

Instead of using all thirty allotted hashtags for each post, focus on using the right hashtags and be consistent in their usage.

Look at how niche-specific are the hashtags used in the sample below.

It’s far preferable to concentrate on a few popular hashtags and be consistent in using them for your brand. The right hashtags will enhance the likelihood that the right people will notice your posts.

One easy way to find fantastic hashtags is to look at the ones influencers in your niche are using. Look for hashtags frequently used by influencers and attract a lot of attention. But, be wary of overusing hashtags.

Include strong CTAs in all your posts

CTAs are powerful techniques to make your audience do what you wish they do, in this case, buy your products. How would they know what to do if you won’t tell them how?

Always use a strong call to action (CTA) in your postings. It helps your audience find the great products you’re presenting in your photos and how to get their hands on them.

As shown in the example below, they use the call to action “DM for Query/Order” in the caption, followed by a brief but concise product description.

Run Instagram ads

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Instagram ads are easy to set up and run. All you have to do is decide how much money you can allocate, where you’d like your ads to run, and the duration of your campaign.

Instagram provides many targeting options so you can choose which ones can best suit your business’s demands.

The simplest way to run ads is to promote a post.

From your recent posts, choose one you’d like to promote. The one with the highest engagements may probably do well. Then, click “promote.” The page will look similar to what you see in the picture below.

Instagram will pull a “similar audience” who can view your post. You can also easily craft your own by deciding on an interest, age group, and gender via the platform.

Check and re-check your ad until you feel confident about your choices. Hit “Confirm” once everything looks settled.

You may tweak your boosted posts until you achieve your desired results.

Publish Instagram stories with product links

Instagram is truly an excellent site for promoting new items, demonstrating how they function, and discussing promotions and special deals.

Stories allow you to connect with your audience more frequently and genuinely when compared to a standard post.

If you want to get the most out of Instagram Stories, don’t forget to include product links. You can do it through the swipe-up link shown in the picture below.

After all, you don’t want your story post to pique your audience’s curiosity, only to leave them with no option to access the information or product you’re promoting.

When you add a link to Instagram Stories, you can see a little arrow and the words “See More” shown at the bottom of the page. You can add text telling users to “Swipe Up” for enhanced visibility because this small text may go ignored.

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Promote through Instagram Story Ads

Story ads allow you to use targeting to make your ads more personal to the audience you’re trying to reach.

These ads appear between Instagram Stories from accounts you follow and can make a big impression on potential customers.

You can see a small “Sponsored” tag in the top right corner of these ads, as well as a call to action like “Learn More” at the bottom. Again, including a call to action at the bottom of your ad can be helpful to buyers who want to learn more.

In the sample below, “Shop Now” is the CTA.

Partner with influencers

Hiring an influencer can cost you some funds. But, the return on investment from a good influencer campaign can be more substantial. Rates vary depending on some criteria, such as the number of followers, what you’re asking them to do, and follow-up posts.

Before you go in for an influencer, be sure you exactly know what you want. Check if that audience is who you want to reach. Before posting, you can ask if you could adjust things or follow a creative brief.

Consider partnering with a micro-influencer if you don’t have the funds to work with a big-time influencer yet. A micro-influencer has a sizable but not huge following, typically ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 people.

Investing in micro-influencers as a small business could be a great way to help drive potential buyers to your page.


Wondering how to sell garments on Instagram? Not anymore. The ten winning tips to sell clothes on Instagram above can help you achieve your goals.

Keep those tips in mind, and soon you’ll have a unique Instagram brand and devoted followers who will love your posts and buy your stuff.

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